Cutler, Lysander – August 14, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 6th Wisconsin Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Lysander Cutler Head Quarters 2d Brigade 1st Division 1st A.C. August 14, 1863 General Order No 39 Officers and Soldiers of the 2d Brigade: Having tendered my resignation and the same having been accepted by the President it becomes my duty to take leave of you as your Commanding Officer: In doing so, I have no words of censure or of mere flattery to address to you: Since I have been your commander, you have been required to perform much fatiguing, arduous and dangerous service: The alacrity and patience with which you have performed your marches, and your willing submission to a strict discipline, have met my entire approbation. The fearful list of killed and wounded, tell how well you have fought; no words of mine can add to the eloquence of that record. The cause in which you are engaged, is one of the holiest which ever engaged the efforts of man: It is not merely to crush a wicked and unprovoked rebellion, but to settle the question for the ages to come, whether man is capable of self-Government, whether freedom shall live or be blotted out in this deluge of blood. Falter not in the path before you, trust in God and the justice of your cause, and whether you add your names to the bright galaxy of those who have sealed with their blood, their devotion to their country, or live to return to your homes when this unnatural strife is ended, your names will stand high up; on the records of your Countrys Glory; which those who have been the instigators of this unholy war, and their more despicable sympathizers in the free North, will be handed down to positively with all the odium which justly attaches itself to those guilty of the blackest crimes against humanity. It is painful to part with those who have trusted and honored me so much: I do it with feelings of affectionate regard for you all, and with entire confidence that no act of yours will sully the good name you bear, or bring any dishonor to the flag of your Country. L Culter Brig Genl Hd Qrs 2d Brigade Aug. 14.1863 Brig Genl Cutler – Genl Order No 39 Farwell Address