Colby, Lloyd H. – August 4, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 6th Wisconsin Infantry Battles Mentioned: Cold Harbor, Virginia; Crater, Virginia; Jericho Ford, Virginia; Laurel Hill, Virginia; North Anna, Virginia; Petersburg, Virginia; Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia; Wilderness, Virginia Historical Figures: Ambrose E. Burnside, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant Petersburg Va Aug 4th 1864 Dear Cousin I now take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well I have not heard eney thing from Stewartstown for Some time I thought I would write you a few lines thinking that I might get an answer Last Spring when so many Wisconsin Brave sons was going to fill up the broken rank of our Nation I thought it my duty to Volinteer and go to my Country’s call all though it was hard to part with home and go and face the rebel bullets but the 26th of last Feb. I enlisted in Company B 6th Reg Wisconsin Vol and went into Camp at Madison I had not been ther long before I heard of my Mother’s death Marrilla you know how hard it is to part with a Mother but it seems as though it would not have been half half so hard if she had been at home so I could have seen her once more uncle Timothy wrote that she had the best of care in her sickness wich I have no doubt she did And if I live to get out of the war alive I will pay all the Cost there was to take care of her One Regiment is in front of Petersburg we have seen some verry hard times since the 5 of last May. We left our Winter Quarters at Culpepper the 3 of May and on the 5 we was engaged with the Ennemy and was a fighting 3 days when Lee fell back towards Spttsysvania Court House hear we found him again and drove him into his breast works and Grant drove back his left with the 2d and 6th Corps he was compelled to leave his position The next place we found him at the Crossing of the North Anna the 23 of May and our Corps was engaged most of the afternoon Most probbally you seen in the papers where the 5 Corps has been engaged and so it would be useless for me to write eney more about it more to say that we have been engaged in 6 different Battles on this Campaighn namely the 3 days fight in the wilderness, Laurel Hill. Spottsylvania Jerricho Ford. Coal Harbor and Petersburg In these battls I have even been wounded but once and that was at Coal Harbor I was hit by a piece of shell on the soldier sholder the first day of June it did not keep me from doing duty but 2 weeks and I then joined my regiment we have been hear at Petersburg since the 18 of June the 18 we had a hard fight and lost about one 1/3 of our men in our regiment we went into the fight with 175 men and came out with 124 men the rest being killed and wounded the knight of the 18th we built brest works within 500 yards of the Rebs and in the morning we had as strong works as they had We have been hear ever since the 18 of June we have had to work most everry knight it was is so hot weather hear and the Sharp Shooters pick of a good many of our men in the day time so we Work at nights on the forts and breast works the 30 of last month we had a verry hard fight fight we had one of there Forts under mined and in the morning about 5 oclock it was blown up and at that moment every piece of Artilly and Morter comenced firering on the rebels and as soon as the Fort was blown up our men charged and went in to the fort and held it till the Rebs made 3 charges and was repulsed and the 4 time they Charged they took the fort this fort was in front of Burnside Corps there was a briggade of Negroes that charged and went into the fort I was where I could see the fight I think they fought as well as the rest of our troops The fireing soon stoped on both sides and it has been quiet hear ever since our Briggade has left the front and gone to rear about 2 miles and have gone into Camp we expect to get our pay in a few days we have not had eny pay for 4 months Well I can not think of eney more news to write the last I heard from they was all well they say they have not rased verry good crops this summer Write as soon as you get this and write all th news from New Hampshire will you let me now where Seth Tirrill is if he is in Army down hear let me now where he is what regiment he belongs to and what Corps he belongs to Good by for this time From your Friend Direct your lettersLloyd H. Colby. Lloyd H. Colby Company B 6th Reg Wis Vol Washington D.C. 5th Corps. 4 Division