Burns, Robert – December 26, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 4th Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned: Chickamauga, Georgia

Historical Figures: Robert H. Minty

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
26th December 1863
Major Sinclair
A. A. Genl.
I have the honor to call the
attention of the Major General Commanding to
the following officers whom I consider entitled
to special mention for their gallant conduct
during the Battle of Chicamauga.
Lieut. Wirt Davis, 4th U.S. cavalry com-
manded the squadron of his regiment which
covered the retreat of the 7th Pa. over Reed’s bridge
on the afternoon of the 18th. This officer has in-
variably performed his duties in the most gallant
and satisfactory manner.
Lieut. Simpson. 4th Michigan cavalry, com-
manded a squadron of his regiment, on pick-
et on the Harrison road on the 18th, which was
cut off by the rapid advance of the enemy.
After fighting as long as he possibly could
he swam the Chicamauga and brought in
his squadron with no casualities but one
man and one horse slightly wounded.
I am respectfully,
Your obedient servant
R. H. G. Minty.
Col. Comdg.
[ ? ]
Robert Burns
(late) Capt & AAAG

Report of Killed Wounded
and Missing in 1st Brigade, 2nd
Cavalry Division from Sept. 17th to
Sept 25th 1863. Battle of Chickamauga

Regiments Killed Wounded Missing Total
Officers Men Officers Men Officers Men Officers Men
4th U.S. Cav’y 5 14 1 20
7th Penna. “ 1 4 1 14 2 18
4th Mich. “ 1 1 11 3 1 15
Total 1 10 2 39 4 3 53

Lieut Moore.
A. A. A. G. 2nd Cavalry Division
Above you will find report
called for by this mornings telegram. The
3rd Indiana cavalry has not reported.
I do not know their casualities.

Maysville, Ala. Nov. 12 1863
Robt Burns
Capt & A.A.A.G.
[ ? ]
Robert Burns
(late) Capt & AAAG