Smith, James H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection Miscellaneous Items

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Regiment: 2nd Wisconsin Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: RULES AND REGULATIONS, G.A.R. Article IV.-Chapter 1. Eligibility to Membership.-Soldiers and Sailors of the United States Army, Navy or Marine Corps, who served between April 12th, 1861, and April 9th, 1865, in the war for the suppression of the Rebellion, and those having been honorably discharged therefrom after such service, and of such State regiments as were called into active service and subject to the orders of U.S. General Officers, between the dates mentioned, shall be eligible to membership in the Grand Army of the Republic. No person shall be eligible to membership who has, at any time, borne arms against the United States. To W. H. Gibson Post, No. 31 Dep’t of Ohio G.A.R. I have the honor to make application for membership by card in W.H. Gibson Post, No. 31 Department of Ohio Grand Army of the Republic, basing my application of the following facts: I am 63 years of age, and was born in Knox County State of Ohio, now residing at Tiffin State of Ohio, am by occupation a Nurse I served during the late Rebellion as follows: First enlisted April 21st 1861, as Private in Co. H 2nd Regiment Wisconsin V. I. for the period of 3 months, and was discharged therefrom as Private, at on the              day of              186   , by reason of reenlistment June 11th 1861 for 3 years 2nd Regt. Wis. V.I. 1I also re-enlisted Jany 4th 1864, as Veteran Vol in Co. H 2nd Regiment Wisconsin V.I. and was discharged therefrom as Sergeant at Madison Wis. on the 27th day of July 1865, by reason of Close of War + Muster out of Regiment I have              2made previous application for membership to the Grand Army of the Republic, and filed the same with                              Post, No.                     Depart- ment of                                    on the                          day of              18 (Signature.) J.H. Smith Residence, No 186 N. Washington Str Tiffin O I, on honor, recommend J.H. Smith to the favorable con- sideration of the Post, believing the foregoing statements to be true in every respect. Enclosed is Transfer fee, $50¢ Wm Regele (To be signed by a Comrade of the Post.) Note.-If any details herein required are omitted, they must be furnished before being reported on by the Committee. Any failure to report all the facts required by this application may render the muster-in null and void. 1 Other enlistments are to be added. 2 If this is the first application, write the word “not” in this space. [over.] Application of J. H. Smith Late Sergeant Co. H 2nd Reg’t Wis. Vols. for Membership in the Grand Army of the Republic. Recommended by Comrade Wm Regele Headquarters Post, No. Department of                         189 Received and referred to the Examining Committee. Post Commander. 189 The undersigned Examining Committee respectfully report                  favorably upon the within application Committee. Applicant        Elected                        189 Mustered                     189 No. on Des. Book Adjutant. Riverside Printing Co, Milwaukee, Wis. To Be Filled By, Or For, the Post Surgeon, On Or Before the Night of Muster of This Applicant. 1.No. on Des. Book 2. Name 3.Where Born 4. Color 5.Regiment of Vessel serving in when wounded 6.What Army or Squadron? (As Army of the Potomac, Mississippi Squadron, etc., etc.) 7.Branch of service (Inf’try, Cav., Marine, Sailor) 8.How many times wounded? 9. Ages when wounded? 10. 11. Dates when wounded and names of Engagements 12.Parts of the body wounded or disabled 13.State results of wounds. If amputation, what member? If paralysis, loss of sight, or any other disability followed, give full particulars 14.Kind of Missile 15.Rank when wounded Note.-If not wounded or disabled, so state distinctly. Entered on Medical Description Book No. Reported to Department Headquarters Post Surgeon.