Oliver, John M. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 15th Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Shiloh, Tennessee Historical Figures: Daniel McCook, Jr., John M. Oliver, Lovell H. Rousseau Extract from Gen. A. Mc. D. McCook’s off. Report of the Battle of Shiloh I take great pleasure in calling your attention to the conduct of Col Oliver and a portion of his regiment the 15th Michigan When my division was marching on to the field, Col. Oliver at that time unknown to me requested the privalege of placing himself under my command His regiment was attached to Gen Rousseau’s Brigade and during the day was under the hot- -test fire, where he, and his officers, and men acted with conspicuous gallantry   Official Danl McCook Asst Adjt Genl   Copy of   Fulton Atalanta [ ? ] named after [ ? ] Fulton   Clayton   Henry   Bulls   Jasper named after Sgt Jasper of Rev War Jasper Newton   [ ? ] Very [ ? ] County. Henry L. Shilips Remember to all & [ ? ] my [ ? ]   MCl [ ? ] Washington   Johnson [ ? ] [ ? ] [ ? ] Bigan Liberty & Chathain.   Henry L Shilips Fred Coe Barry F Coats   Europa Epammondas   E          Henry L. Shilips Mrs Martha [ ? ] Shilips Enquirer         West Union Adams Co Ohio