Lyon, Charles D. – October 1, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Miscellaneous Items

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Infantry

Battles Mentioned: 2nd Bull Run, Virginia

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Edmands Ferry Md
Oct 1st 1862
I certify on honor, (to the best of my recollection)
that on the 30th day of August 1862, at Battle
2d Bull Run Va the stores enumerated
below were lost under the following circumstances
The Regt to which my compy.. belongs was directed
to advance under fire of the enemy to take a
certain position in so doing six privates
were killed and ten privates were severely
The arms carried by all these men were
left on the field, as we were repulsed and
they could not be recovered, The following
is the list of stores so abandoned:
16 Springfield rifted muskets Cal. 58.
6 Infty.. Cartridge Boxes and plates
6 Infty.. Cartridge box belts and plates
6 Infty.. Waist belts and plates (privates)
6 Cap pincher + picks
16 Gun Slings
6 screw [   ?   ]
6 Bayonet Scabbards

Chas D. Lyon
Capt Co “K” “3 Mich Vol Infty”

Voucher No Four