Kingscott, John W. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection Miscellaneous Items

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Cavalry

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No. 40.
Special Requisition

For  1st Brig 1st Div Cav M.D.M.
2500 Horses
700   Mules
[          ?          ]
Total 32oo, Annuals
363,000lbs of Grain
224,000lbs of Hay

I certify that the above Requisition is correct; and that the articles specified are absolutely
requisite for the public service, rendered so by the following circumstances: For Issue to
Public Animals
J.W. Kingscott
Capt. 2nd Mich Cav

Quartermaster U.S. Army, will
issue the articles specified in the above requisition

Received at                              , the                 of                     186  ,
of                                                                      Quartermaster U.S. Army,

in full of the above Requisition
(signed in duplicate.)

No. 40.
No.                  Abstract K.

Special Requisition.