Burge, Caroden S. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 2nd Michigan Infantry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: in the Box Articles sent to Miss Julia Wheelock One Dress One pair of shoes Three pairs of Stockins, Wolen Two Aprons Two [  ?  ] Two pair of Drawers, Cotton flanel One night – Dress One night – Cap One Hankerchief Four Collars One [      ?      ] Cloves Donated By the Citizens of South Jackson Mich Sack Currants [  ?  ] Cherries Articles in the Box Eight Nine Hospital Shirts Three under Shirts One pr. of Drawers Ten pairs of Socks Fourteen Towels Nine Pillow Slips Thirty Pocket Handkechiefs One Box & p.k.g. of Black pepper Two Rolls of Bandages [  ?  ] Pillows, One sack Peaches, 3 lbs One Roll of Old Linen Two & ½ Quires of note papper Two pkgs of Envlopes One dosen & half steel pens Thirty nine lbs dried Apple Donated By the Citzens of South Jackson Mich