Bunyea, Chauncey – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 16th Michigan Infantry

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Mr John Bunyea
Wayne Co
Chansey Bunyea Esq
Nankin Wayne Co
to Mister Chasey
Nankin Post
Wayne Co
Mr John Bunyea
Wayne P.O
Wayne Co
Loyal to the Union
John Bunyea
Wayne PO
Wayne Co
Union Forever.
Perish the hand that would destroy
The temple of our sires!
Perish the hearth that hopes for joy
In its consuming fires!
Let not the monster be forgot,
Who dares to light the flame;
But curse him with a traitor’s lot
And with a traitor’s name.
While the dark raven bodes despair
And still our fears renews,Mr John Bunyea
The noble eagle, high in air, Wayne PO
His onward way pursues.Wayne County,
He dreads not the tempests wrath, State of Mich
Though all its thunders roll,
But soars above the tempest’s path,
Exulting to the goal.
Our fainting hopes refuse to die,
Our tottering bulwarks stand,
And freedom’s banner still floats high
O’er a united land!
The stars that gem its azure folds
May cease awhile to shine,
But tremble not the arm that holds
The flag staff is Divine.
Regt:,           Camp            Co.
State of Marine Vol.
Mr. John Bunyea
Wayne Post Office
Wayne Co