Wiser, Alphonso H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry

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I will be saving of my money and
send it to you and if you let any
out father [ ? ] will tell you
how to let it to and see to it and
I will make it rite with him
when I come the first of next
month I will draw 20 dollars more
then I will send it to you and
so I will try to send it every
pay day I kept 10 dollars the other
pay day and if I hadent I guess
I should have starved to deth
for I had no apetite to eat any
thing but milk and butter so
I bought a quart
of milk every day and some
butter and got bread at the
cook house so I lived for some
time payed 40 bts a pound
for butter 10 bts for milk a
quart so you see it cost me
some to live but now I can
stand it to eat the stuff
at the table so I dont spend

any more [ ? ] any one cant
tell what a soldier has to go
throught with in the armey
until they try it I can say
for me I have tried it for one
year and 4 months I have had
the cance to try it for 8 months
rite in the brunt all the
time I have gon for 5 days
and nits and never eat one
mouthful for I couldant
git it and in a fite every
2 or 3 days in the bargan
but that part is the smalest
part of soldring the fiting
part is Well Sina I will
close for this time so
Good by rite soon from
Convalescent               A. H. Wiser
2. Ward Camp to        L M Wiser
Camp Nelson Ky        my pet Sina

for I am in rether sufering condition for sum that is so but
I have wated so long and I can wait longer

Sina it would be a grate temptation to me to sleep with you Now
know for it