Wiser, Alphonso H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry

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[twocolumns]Wall Sina we are
in a bout 50 miles
of Sumerset whare
the rebels lay
thick as beas in hivs
and our men are as
thick so I dont know
but what we are all
rite and tite for
them good news
this morning if
they are true we
are coming home
they wont except
of us so the 8
th say they had
orders to disband
there ridgment
and send them
home if they do we
will to for they

are as full as we
are and so if they
disband we shall
wall Sina tell lisa
I wish I could
kiss them little ones
and play with them
so I cant but
she must do it
for me Sina tell
Harson and Almira
to write and all of
the folks in that
part if they wanto
so I will close
for this time and
hope you will
write if there is no
one else to you can
direct to Cincinnati
Ohio 9 Mich Cavlery
Co I in care of J. H.
Megowan this all

tell bother Larabee
Wheat is wripe and in
the shock the corn is
sholdier hi to a man
in this part wheat
is big as it can stand
on the ground
I never saw bigar
crops in my life

Apples is ripe and
they sufer mutch
we climb them if
the man stands
rite to the roots of
the tree he sais any thing
he is nocked over so
it is no use to say
anything so no more
good by for this time
this is from A H
Wiser to his pet L. [chewed away]
Write soon Sina Wis[chewed away]

this is
a long letter
I wrote a long
letter so there
is no mistake
Wall good
by Sina
A. H. Wiser
to L. M. Wiser
write write[/twocolumns]