Smith, J. Brinton – June 25, 1857

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Troy, June 25th 1857

To the Rector of St. Luke’s Church
Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The bearer of this,
Miss Cameron, whose parents re-
side in Kalamazoo and are in
connexion with Presbyterian Church,
has been in some times past a
pupil in the [  ?  ] Seminary.
While here she has attended
St John’s Church of which I
am Rector. At the last vista-
tion of the Bishop she desired confirmation, but would
not act without the consent of her
parents. This was given, but the
intelligence reached her too late.
It is very important that she should
at once find a home in the church.

She will be confirmed at the first op-
portunity. But desires to partake of
the Lord’s supper. I hope you will feel
authorized to admit her at once. There need
be no hesitation on the score of qualifica-
tion. and it will be to her a source
of comfort and strength. She will re-
quire, and, I doubt not, will receive
your sympathy and Christian regard.
As her friend are not connected with
the Church. you will perceive the ne
cessity of extending to her attention and
Yours in the Gospel of Christ
J. Brinton Smith
Rect of St. John’s Ch. Troy

[On Envelope:]

Rector of St Luke’s Church