Shafer, Marion A. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 7th Michigan Cavalry

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Historical Figures: William S. Rosecrans

Part Second
It is now about one o’clock
As I sayed before the weather
is nice – yesterday and the three
days before was very cold
cold winds – cold enough to cut
a man into – the men suffered
considerable – we thought of home
and several other places – several
times. but we drew nice new
blankets – tents- and managed
to keep alive – Well if it wasn’t
for some – disagreeable times – we
wouldn’t know how to enjoy
comforts when we got them –
One poor fellow (I don’t know
what regiment) was accietentally
shot this morning while eating
his breakfast – shot through the
head and died instantly –
We soldiers get so hardened to

to such things that we don’t
pay the attention that we ought
to those unfortunate ones –
a fellow can see here – how
inhuman the would be human
are + + You say that Joe had
gone a hunting. Shall look for
a decline in the price of venison
in the next Eagle I get.
How well I would like to get a
crack at them butternuts – I
know Jip Rosencrans – but I haven’t
seen him since last springs
Tom Finton. I saw about two
weeks ago he was with his regt.
then (the 1st Mich Cav) I don’t
know that I have seen him since
think he is with the regt. though
I forgot to tell you that I am
well – Write soon a long letter
I remain as your Son
and Brother – Bud