Ramsdell, Charles H. – December 20, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 18th Michigan Infantry

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Historical Figures: David Hunter

Dec. 20th, 1863

Dear Father,

I am all right as usual except a pair of boots my old ones are beginning
to cave and would like another pair just like them for they have lasted
first rate. I want heel plates on them and the bottoms full of nails that
is what made the other last so well   I had them fixed at Lexington
I will send the measure size eights. The may send them in a box
or just wrap them up in some paper and send by express just as ther
is a mind to   we are having a very

mild winter have only 3 days ago we had a regular thunder shower   it
freezes some nights and thaws days times. We have a good box stove
in our tent and as we have things fixed  I would rather stay in our tint
than in a house  these is 12 of us in ours and we are not crowded
very much  6 bunks 2 men to a bunck. We were reviewed by
Gen. Hunter last week   7 regiments of infantry  7 of cav &
4 batteries   it was a pretty good show that is all the troops we have
here now. Reb deserters keep coming in from the front and
are taking the oath pretty fast and quite   a good many are enlisting in
Tennessee regiments here. I expect he has seen Stinch Harvey
before this time  He went home on furlough & I expect our orderly will
go home to recruit the first of the week with Lieut. P.O. Savage

C. H. Ramsdell