Pritchard, Benjamin D. – August 17, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 4th Michigan Cavalry Battles Mentioned: Historical Figures: Allegan Aug 17/62 Mary! My Dear Friend Your most Excellent Letter of July date came duly to hands and should have been answered ere this, but all has been excitement & bustle in this part of the Country and owing to the unsettled state of affairs I have delayed writing Thing have again taken direction & I hasten to inform you of their present staus, Mary! I have become a man of war and have placed my self in the ranks of the great Army of the Union & have resolved to live under the Stars & Stripes or die fighting in their defen -se. I have become fully convinced that the time has come where every man should go who can go. I have rais -ed a splendid Company of Cavalry in this County and have it fully organized. I suppose you will allow a soldier to speak without reservation so, I will tell you the story in few words. I hold the position of Captain by choise of the Co The Citizens have made me a present of a Sword sash & belt worth $75. My Company leaves here for camp tomorrow. We go into Camp at Detroit. I am attached to the 4 Mich Cavalry. The regiment will be ready to take the field in six weeks. Mary I shall have to close this note right here for there is now six or eight men waiting on business military in its nature. although it is Sun- day. I expect to be able to get a furlough after I am mustered to visit home and if I do I shall call on you if possible Mary please write me often for it will be so good in Camp to receive letters from one I hold in such high esteem. Direct your Letters to Detroit Mich. Yours as Ever Dudley.