Phelps, George – May 24, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 7th Michigan Infantry

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Sodus May the 24th 1865

Dear Sister I now take
my pen in hand to write
afew lines to you to let
you now that we are all
well at presant and hope that you are the
same my being sick I
dont think I shall be
abel to come in June
as I intended to but
I shall come just as soon
as I can leave home it is
bad for me to leave home
not having eney men
to see to the things
if George will be at

home soon I wood like
to come when he gets
home for I wood like to
see him very much
I wont set eney time
for I dont now what
may happen as life and
health is uncirtain but
Gods will be don and not
mine my health is not
as Good as it was before
I was sick but I hope
for the best if I cold
have got money to come
in march it wood hav ben
beter for me to hav come
then than it is now but
I thought I cold suit
my self beter now I
hav had aletter from
Georg Since I had one from

you it was writen
the 18th of April and I
was glad to hear from
him and to hear that
the war is come to an end
and we can hope for
Beter times Nathans folks
is all well at presant
it have ben to meting
to day and we had a good
meting and it was a plesant
day but it is a thundering
and I must bring my
letter to a close to go and
do my choers before it
rains I want you to
write and tell me your
nearest Rail Road Station
when you write again
to me you must write soon
Rose got a letter from you

wensday night and was
glad to hear that you
ware all well
Giv My Love to All
Enquireing Friends Maria
To Mahala

[On Envelope:]

Mrs Mahala J Phelps
Dansvill Ingham Co