Phelps, George – June 1, 1866

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 7th Michigan Infantry

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[ ? ] June 1th 1866
Dear Father
and mother it is with plesure that i
sat down to answer your leter that i
recived 2 weak ago i was glad to hear
from you and your famely i red your
leter and sent it to gay i got a leter
from gay last sunday he was well
i have not seen him in five weaks
i would like to see him and you to
Littel Mary is well i do not feal
vary well my self Mary climbs
up by the charse and [ ? ] them
all around the house she hase got
2 teath i think she looks like
netty i would like to see netty
she must write to me i have
ben to Alburt and staid
a weak thay are all well thay have
got 2 children i have ben to
gran mother Blanchard to see her
she is well as can be expected
she wants you to write to her
i wish you all would move down hear
i think you could buy a house and
sat hear Mr procious wants to sell
i have not hurd how much he
wants for his lot he dose not
live thare him self mr didy
lives thare i have not ben around
much yet i cant tell you much
a bought the folks hear
i never want to come to michigan
to live again and i wish you
and mother could make up
your minds to come back
you must write as soon as you
get this letter you must
excuse bad writing
Give my love to all
my inquiring Friends
From Eunice A Blanchard
to Ezra and D[ ? ] Blanchard
Dear sister i was glad
to read your letter i was sorray
to hear that that your little girls
and Ezra C was sick i hope thease
few lines will find them well
i have got my gardin made
i have got a gradeal of sowing
to do i have had [ ? ]
Dreser i will send you a pier of
them and i have got me a silk
Cope tell george his Father and
mother lives with william
phelps thay was well the
last i hurd from them
Jane i would like to see you
and your famely tell mother
sh must try and write to me
i would like to see aunt [ ? ]
[ ? ] much of she my love to her and
all her Famely
excuse           Jane you must
excuse bad writing no more
at present
Eunice A Blanchard
to Mrs Jane Phelps