Baker, George W. – August 7, 1859

Michigan Civil War Collection

Niles, Aug. 7 1859 Dear Cousin: I received your letter in due course of mail and was glad to hear from you and more than all was glad to here that you was well and that you was enjoying and hapiness you stated that you had receive no answer to your leter this is the first that I received from you thare must be some mistake some whare I have not heard from my folks in 2 monts

Smith, J. Brinton – June 25, 1857

Michigan Civil War Collection

Troy, June 25th 1857 To the Rector of St. Luke’s Church Kalamazoo, Michigan. The bearer of this, Miss Cameron, whose parents reside in Kalamazoo and are in connexion with Presbyterian Church, has been in some times past a pupil

Smith, Joseph R. – July 1, 1856

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Monroe Mich My Dear Gordon 1st July 1856 Will you please inform me whether by the [ ? ] of the [ ? ] Dept. I am deprived of my allowance of stationary as well as [ ? ] and I am required by Regulations to send off Six [ ? ] month of my situation and much to my annoyance [ ? ] [ ? ] Certificate and [ ? ] statements on honor.

Baker, George W. – October 21, 1853

Michigan Civil War Collection

Canton Oct the 21 1853 Dear Cousin as we received your kind letter I will try to answer it we are all well Clit is so she is around quite well so we toock her over to her sisters last thuresday & Adellbert has gon to the north whare Willie is so that leaves us with but 2 children at home

Cass, Lewis – November 28, 1834

Michigan Civil War Collection

War Department November 28th 1834 Sir. In answer to your verbal inquiry. I transmit a report from the Adjutant General, which states the facts and principles upon which the date of your promotion was definitively fixed.