Nims, Hannibal H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 10th Michigan Infantry

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[twocolumns]Danville Ga (a town without a house)
Dear Wife
To day is sunday and
one of the finest day you can
well [ ? ] you without you think
of a very fine may day only think
of such weather in Jan. dont you
wish you lived in such a climate
hardly need a few during the day
a few white frost nights I wrote
you day before yesterday that I had
been writing you lately just as I
was feeling for the time being &
to carry that out this would be
a blue letter as I have a slight
headache but the day is too fine &
so cannot be sick even if I wish too
As do not much to be reported sick
while I stay in the service if possible
but to day is nothing You appear to be
having [ ? ] about my health
you need not I am all right I have
not been sick & if you are flattering
yourself that that you have a slight
& slim or lean (I dont know what to use)
husband you will find yourself most
wonderfully mistaken I am not
as fat as when I left the state
& at one time was some prone than
I used to be are would [ ? ] take to be
both to be and have a very strong
call on the active persons But I did
not care much about it & it was not
worth minding as the [ ? ] was so
plain hard work & poor [ ? ] If I had
been sick I should have felt worse
about it. We now have plenty to eat
to wit flour & pork & once in a while
Beans tea & Coffe & have had once
or twice since We [ ? ] over here
a little Butter but had to tie our
tent down all sound & put a guard
at the door to keep it till we could
eat it As we had no rope strong
enough to hold it and I am going
every day weigh at least 150lbs &
still gaing & if we go veterans I will
again be weigh at least 165lbs befor
we get home & 200lbs before we come
away again so you need have me
[ ? ] of a pinked faced institution
for a sick soldier I shall not honor that
draft without they go to marching
up again on hard [ ? ]
I rcd a letter from you last night
in which you say mine of the 6th is
the best letter you have had for you
think it told more truths than others I
have never written any thing but truths
& what in the would I could have
written then I cant immagine of
it was a complaing or fault find my
letter for Gods sake or rather burn
it & if you have said any thing
about it to any one take it back
say it was not so that you did not
had comethy or some other excuse for
I would not be met with the first thing
“Well you cant stand hard time,” “Write home letters
for sympathy tell how bad you are and
& how hungry you are & so forth,” I dont
want to have one word of it in any
complaing spirit for I did not feel
it so & it is bad enough to have the
privates growl [ ? ] an officer joing
the cry & I hope I did not write in
any such spirit but if I did tell that
we had been hungry it was only
on the way of history I know we got
over it for I had a good dinner
to day of very good biscuits & some
fresh meat & [ ? ] & all that I wanted
to eat too, Oh I came hear forgetting
I was surprised night before last by a
call from Maj [ ? ] to come out
here from Chattanooga he was on his
way home his regt is betwean he was
saner [ ? ] than when I last sa him
but was well & hearty He also told me
that he was a Father which was news
to me and you getting [ ? ] all the
best of the girls you sa have not only
got husbands but babies while you hear
only the husband & he off [ ? ]
Aint it hard. I must quit or I shall not
have any thing to write tomorrow even
if it is a bright day
Good bye [ ? ]
Consider all
this not
written it
dont read
well & I wish
I had not written
it but cant
burn it[/twocolumns]