Nims, Hannibal H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 10th Michigan Infantry

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[twocolumns]Camp [ ? ] Ga
Dear Wife
I have sat looking
in the far for the last
ten mintues wondering
whether you had been able
to read all the letters that
I have written since I come
to this Camp it seems
to me as if there must be
a stack of them I have
written every day that I
have felt blue & gay every
day that I have felt gay
and as it has been about
every other day you have
both sides of all questions
yesterday I had a little headache
& was blue but strange to say
I did not write to day I
am all right & am
writing We are having
very nice weather here
pleasant and when we here
of the awful cold that
you are having north it
takes away part of longing
for home that we always
feel when doing nothing
We cannot tell yet whether
we are to go home or not
but I think we shall yet
shall get away about the
10th of Feb if we are not
to stop in Det anymore
than the 16th did I hope
to meet you all at home
for we should get to [ ? ]
the next day move & they
ought to give the boys
a hearty receptions But if
we are to remain in Det
Any time Wm probably
can find out for you
I should expect to meet you
at Russell House You can
find out where our
Headquarters are to be from
the papers before we get
there so that you tell
whether to come to Det
or not I presume if you
decide on Det that Wm
& Frank & perhaps Mrs Woods
& Lucinda will come with
you I hope we shall not
stop in Det for I had
much rather you folks
would give the boys a
nice reception and they
can afford too it has
saved some of them $300
probably I will write you
as soon as we know any
thing soon & I think it
will be to morrow I cannot write more [ ? ] on
sheet where pen is so [ ? ][/twocolumns]