Louks, William A. – March 8, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 56th Ohio Infantry

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March the 8th 1865

Well, Mary, they did not order me off last night as I expected but there is nothing more
about the detail. I certainly will go to night as I have been here since last Friday
morning. Health good, pleasant day. I will close and post my letter now Mary so
Yours truly,


Ralph has just been up to see me. He thinks that I will stay here but I can hardly think
so. His health is good. I guess that I will not start till tomorrow as there has no orders
come yet so I will get this letter to post and if I do not go to night I will let you know. I
ordered your
Repository for Pam yesterday. I would have ordered your other
missing one but I forgot the number so I guess it will have to go.

Yours truly,