Hutchins, Sabin D. – July 2, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 1st Michigan Engineers

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Nashville Tenn
July 2nd /65
Dear Sister
Here I am again
safe and sound how
are you I hope that
that this will find you
as well as it leaves me
but why dont you
answer that letter that
I wrote to you when
we were in washington
I thought when we were
there that we would be
at home before this time
but this dont act much
like it, but I would
stay here more contented
if I knew what they were

keeping us for but they
dont say a word what
they intend to do with
us and we are used about like
a set of drafted men. The
Colonel had guards posted
all around camp this
morning so that the boys cant
go down town and that
dont suit very well, we
left washington the 8th
of last month. We went
on the carsto Harpers
Bury on the Ohio river
and then we took the boats
down to Louisville Ky
we arived there the 13th
last month and left the
last, and last night a
little after dark found
us here safe in camp, we
got pay while we were
in Louisville and I sent

father one hundred dollars
I suppose that I might
have sent twenty five dollars more
but I dont think that I
shall, for I went with out
money long enough to do my
for once…Met I how
I should like to be home
the fourth. I suppose that I
might as a good many have
done take a french furlough
but I am afraid that you
would think that I dident
amount to much so I
propose staying until I can
go home honorable what you
dank, he? The rest of the
boys are well, when you get
this letter I want you to
sit right down and answer it
for I havent had a letter since we were
at washington and I will write
a longer letter next time from
your big brother Sabin

[On Envelope:]

Miss Mariette Hutchins
Ottawa, Co.