Hogmire, Mitchell H. – Undated

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Cavalry

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[twocolumns]Camp of the 3rd Mich
At Brownsville Arkansas

Dear Wife Jane
It is with Pleasure that I
embrace this opportunity of
imparting a few ideas to
you Also informing you
of Our healths which is very
good as a general thing through
the company I have been ailing
for a few days but only with
the Ague think I can wear that
out after a while
I Received a letter from you
bearing date of Aug 28th 64
and you may be asured it
was perused with the greatest
of pleasure as they ever are
how could they be otherwise as

they come from one I prise as
high as my own life
Jane you spoke of my coming
home this fall how that may
be I cant say but if it is not
for me to come home this fall
it may be my luck to come home
next and then I will say to
those who have staied at home
and cried peace when there
was no peace you can boast
now of a Liberty that has been
won for you at our expense
but you are welcome to enjoy
it if your concience will
permit you to But sometimes
I think such men have no
concience I was glad to hear
that Duane is exempt from
Draft for it would be wrong for
such a man to enlist in the
service for they could not be

of any use as soldiers Jane
Edwin received a letter from home
and from Cochran and he said
tell Mitchell he was going to rite
to him but if I write to Mother
before he does to me I shall say
to him he had better save his
3 cent stamp and get more
chopping done
Jane Ganzy Thompson is
here his Regt came through
by land from Memphis he is
well and is Orderly Sergt in his
Co M I heard there was to be an
other Raid on Old Shelby and
think it is so as there is some
ten thousand troops between
here and Austin and they
have marching orders dont
know whether our Regt will go
or not hope they wont unless they
arm us with Spencer Carbines

When I last hear from
home they were all well Mother
wrote that my nursery had
done fine this summer and that
she hoped I might come home this
fall to make sale of the nursery
Jane the last letter I wrote
to you I had sent
one hundred and twenty five
dollars to Duane and I think
the best thing We can do with
our money is to buy a place
and then if anything should
happen you would have a
home of your own Jane I have
not writen any news but you
will have to excuse me this
time Say to Daniel and Mary
I send them my best respects
and hope the time is not far
off when I may see them again
Kiss trudy is all I can say
for her my love to Rena & Erna M.H. Hogmire
and all the rest yours forever[/twocolumns]