Hogmire, Mitchell H. – October 2, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Cavalry

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Sunday Evening Oct the 2ond

Wall Jane it is 8 oclock but
I will write a few lines, Vicky
wrote you last week while I was
sick I was quite sick for 3 days had
the Disentary & billious feaver Duane
had it & was just getting better when
I was taken, we had Row 1 s peace
& got along verry well. the rest of the
friends are well, Henry Shirwood got
home friday looks better than they ex
pected, John Rey is home on a forlow
brought the ball that was taken out
o fhis neck, Noble started friday to got
see Milan as he got a letter from some one
that he was faling fast, but our boys
have not said a word of it after he started

Avaline got a letter from him
that he was better but she was glad
that Noble went, I have not had a letter
for the 2 last Mails, the boys sent ther
money home by a man in Allegan & it
has just got hear (of as far as Emorys)
as Duane just got a line from him
that it was there he & Noble had worried
about it feard they would not get it
Wall Jane the Fair went off last week
we did not intend to go as we wer not well
either of us but Henry came down the last
day in the morning & wanted Duane to
take his buggy & go & we went had a
pleasant time. the Grays wife took
the pris riding Flory did not
ride, Jim Gilbert took the foot race
prize Nobles colts bothe took the premium
Henry took the premium on apples oats
& pumpkins.

I suppose Vicky told you in hirs
of the Draft Mr Chatman will go
Jonathan also, Hathaway has ran
away he bought Carls house &
she has moved over to hir fathers, guess
she will go East, Mrs Rossman was
buried 2 weeks ago today (lost a child)
there has been 2 Deaths of small [  ?  ]
North of Lawrence & there is one sick
with it, up by Henry Camps,
Duane has let out all of Mitchels
money, Jane I dont think of eny thing
more that you will want to know that I
can write, I looked for you home
every day last week. & shall this, I have
dried about 3 bushell of Apples & got
a barrell of pickles that Sam Mother
is going to take at 7 dollars I have
filled My contract. I sent up 7 acres
of corn (Dont wonder I had the disentary
do you) When you came home if you
stop at Smocks in Paw Paw you can

See Sam Crosses wife if you
want to as she works there
Did i tell you before I had got
a new sarfe if not I have & a
pretty one, My best wishes
to Mary & Daniel & tell hir
I wish she could come to & we
would go up & see Evelines baby
again, she has been down to Smileys
with it, but I have not seen it since,
Duane has just finished a good long
letter to Mitchell, I will not close this
until after the mail comes in tomorrow
& perhaps will get some news from
the boys, Monday Evening there has
know one been to the office so I dont
know if we have eny mail. I went over
to Emorys this afternoon with Henry &
Calista & got the package of money
all right, I will close with a kiss
for Trudy & tell hir not to forget
us. Did I send you money enough
you did not say how much you
So good Knight