Hogmire, Mitchell H. – December 14, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Cavalry

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Historical Figures: Frederick Steele, Joseph J. Reynolds

Brownsville Dec 14th 64

Dear Jane

Just thought of home and the
loved ones that are there and made
up my mind to let them know
how I am getting along also
the rest of the Boys We are all well
now I have been having the
Ague for a few weeks last
but now have broke it up
and am feeling quite well
It has been some time since
I received any mail from you
but last night Milan got
one from home stating you
were all well also contained
the news of the death of Sam
Smiley I suppose they will
take his death hard but in my

mind it would have been
much more honorable to have
fallen in protecttion of his
country but we dont all see ali
ke and it is well we dont
Jane there has been quite a
change in our Regt lately
Henry Chatfield is our 2nd
Lieat Promoted lately from Or
derly I tell you he is a good soldier
and we all like him well
Edwin is on Picket to day
he is well and tough as a man
can be he wrote home night before
last There is no news of any
importance in this departm
ent only Maj Gen Steele is
superceded by Maj Gen Reynolds
formerly of New Oreleans
Last week one of our Co was
taken or killed we dont know
which his name was William
Ewers he started to go out to

Brownsville some 4 miles from
here to see some girls I guess and
we have not heard from him yet
Some of the Boys went after him
but did not get any news of him
we all think he must be gobled
We have just received papers
which contain the Presidents mess
age which is very good and
it is just what I am glad to see
he says he wont recant any
thing he has done or sayed
Oh I said we were all well but
John Bonesteel has down
the mouth for a few days past
nothing but a cold Jane when I
last wrote to you I told you to
find out how much you could
pay Noble down and then I
could tell how I would pay
the rest of it just Eight Months
from to day and then my time will

out but it would be a sin
to complain with such fare
as we have nowadays we only
have to do very light duty and
nicer barracks men never had
than we have You ask me what
you had better do with the place
I wrote to Uncle Henry that I would
look to him as he is close by and can
attend to it but as you say it would
be best to have some one put in
crops and I also wrote to Henry
to see if he could get anybody
to put in such if Jim takes
the place I want him to do it up
in normal style of course he wont
move in the house for we dont want
any body to move in now Jane
I can send you after pay day
but I dont know when that will
be $200 Dollars to pay on the place
You can give my best respects
to all say to trudy Pa sends her a kiss
M. H. H.