Griffin, Levi T. – March 2, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 4th Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned:

Historical Figures: Eli Long, General Hatch

Head Qrs Cavalry Corps M.S.M.
Gravelly Springs Ala. March 2nd 1865
The Brivet Major General Commanding directs me to say,
that he wishes you to furnish any number of men Capt. Carling
Chief Q. M. Cav. Corps or Col. McKay may require to procure fuel
for transports.
I am Genl. very Respfy
Your Obdt. Sert.
(Regud) Levi T. Griffin
Capt. and A.A.A. Genl.
Brig. Genl. Long
Brig. Genl. Hatch

Official copy furnished for the information of Col. McKay
Levi T. Griffin
Capt. and A.A.A. Genl.

Hd Qrs C.C. MDM.
Mch 2n 1865.

Griffin L.T. Cap + AAG

Copy of circular to
Gen’s Long + Hatch