Cutler, Lysander – October 8, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 6th Wisconsin Infantry

Battles Mentioned: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Historical Figures: James C. Rice, John Newton, Lorenzo Thomas, Lysander Cutler

[twocolumns]Hd Qrs 14th Regt N.Y.S.M.
2d Brigade 1st Division 1st A.C.
October 8th 1863
Brig Genl L. Thomas
Adtj Genl U.S.A.
On the 7th inst. thirty
six enlisted men belonging to this Regiment arrived here
from Annapolis Md. who were captured by the enemy at
Gettysburg July 1st 1863 sent to Richmond, paroled, and
forwarded via City Point to Annapolis and at the latter
city were said to be exchanged – they seem to be in doubt
as to their exchange – I would respectfully ask if said
prisoners have been duly exchanged, as we have no official
notice of the fact.

Respy your Obdt Serv

EB Fowler
Col Comdg 14th Regt N.Y.S.M

Head Quarters 14th Regt N.Y.S.M
October 8th 1863

F63 Div 1863

Colonel Edward B Fowler.

Asks for information in reference to certain
enlisted men of his command, who were taken
prisoners at Gettysburg, July 1st 1863.

Recd Div Oct 10/63

Head Qrs 2d Brig.
Oct 9th 1863
Respectfully approved and
forwarded for the information
J. C. Rice
Brig Genl Comdg 2d Brig.

Hd Quarters 1 Div
1st Army Corps
Oct 22/63
Respectfully forward
L Cutler
Brig Genl
Com Div

Head Quarters 1st A.C.
October 23. 1863.
Respectfully returned. The War
Dept. decides all paroled prisoners
captured prior to Sept 1st ex-
By Command of
Major Genl Newton
C. Kangslen[ ? ]
E. B. 205           Lieut Col & A.A.G.

Hd Qrs 1st Division
October 23, 1863
Respectfully returned to
Co 2d Brigade with en-
dorsement 1st Corps
By Comd of Brig Gen Cutler
Robert Montritt
E. B. 376     Lieut & A.A.A.G.

Head Quarters 2d Brigade
October 25 1863
Respectfully referred to
Col. E. B. Fowler Comdg
14th N.Y.S.M.
By Comd of Brig Genl J. C. Rice
Loren Burritt
Lieut & A.A.A.G.[/twocolumns]