Crawford, Clarence H. – January 8, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Infantry

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Camp near Murfeersboro
Jan 8th 1865
Dear Sister
I received your letter
about a week ago and have
not had time to answer it
before. my health has been rather
poor for the last eight or ten
days. I had the ague two days
since I stooped that I begin to
to feel quite like myself again
the weather is very changable
here in the winter season. I want
you to send me a box of stuff
the boys are have received a
number of boxes. you must put up
some sausage. butter can of good
pickles. and some dried fruit send
it by expres. Direct it to me, in care
of Capt Hall. you may think of
ask for considerable. our regiment

has bee on short rations the most
of the time since we come down
here while we were on short rations
be lived on one cup of mush a day
and had 1/2 ration of meat evry other
day. that will make anny one want some
thing from home. we fare rather better
now we have coffee and hardtack for
breakfast meat hardtack and coffee
for dinner hardtack and coffee for supper
you may think I am tierd of solder
ing but I am not tierd yet. and
I hope I nevver will get tierd while
this rebelion lasts. I think things
look quite favorable to end this thing
next summe. tell emorson he w[ ? ]
keep my colt wel lthis winter
I would have him write me a
letter and let me know how he is
improving this winter. you must excuse
my poor writing for we have poor
accomadations here. I must close
from your brother Clarence
write soon and send me a box

[On Envelope:]

Clara Crawford