Clark, Gardner B. – September 17, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 1st U.S. Volunteers Sharpshooters

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Historical Figures: Hiram C. Berdan

[twocolumns]Washington D.C. Sept 17th 1861

Dear Mary:
“Across the Potomac”
Hurrah! that is the order for tomorrow
we go over for a few days the Col.
and then come back but when we
get over we dont come back very
soon you may depend that we will
have a big fight before this month is
out. We are going immediately on
Picket duty our Pickets and the rebels
are within from from forty to one
hundred rods apart of each other
hardly far enough for our rifles
but if they will come as close
they are dead men.
I have tried to get that picture
taken again and may yet before
I leave this side of the river

Our boys feel first rate. better than
they have before since we have been
in Washington grumbling is laid
aside and if they will give us
something to keep us busy beside
pulling tents and sticking them
again you will have a good
report from Mich Co Berdens
Sharpshooters. By the way there is
only our company going.
Hurrah for Michigan. Col. Ber
den said the first night we were
in Weehawken that the Mich. co
should never ask for any thing
that it was in his power to grant
but what they would get it.
and we have been clamering to go
over the river he has helped us.
Sept. 18th my light went out last
night and I had to just leave this
for the next mail. it is doubtful
if we go over the Potomac at pres-
ent we certainly shall not to day.

That is the way the Col. fools us
tells us we will do so and so to-
morrow. and he has such a glile
tongue that we believe all he says
and get as excited so that we think
we are somebody, but if we dont do
as he orders the same day he issues
his commands we are liable never
to do so. I have picked another
flower that I send you you will
probably say it is a well I cant just
think the name so wont try. but
it is not like any thing I ever
saw. it grows on a shrub something
like a small thorn bush.
I have the worst head ache that
I have had in a long while
Billy wants to know if he cant
write some in this and when I
told him he might he backed
out we are all tough and hearty
with the exception of one of
our boys named Johnson

by whom I will send that locket
he will bring it direct to you
I dont know how soon he will
I will send in this two red roses
please give one each to Kate and
Anna with my best respects. the
white bud is for you with my love

Ever yours
Gardner B. Clark

[On Envelope:]

Miss Mary J. Baxter
Grand Rapids
(Box 450)

[Dried flower is including with