Clark, Gardner B. – April 27, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 1st U.S. Volunteers Sharpshooters

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Grand Rapids Apr 27 1861.

My Own Loved Gardner.
is quite cold to day and the
wind blows some, but with that
exception it is quite plesant. There
is no need sf letting you we
are all well for it is [  ?  ]
that we should be. but A[  ?  ]
hers got a head cold and is
not very well. I am afraid she
will not be able to go to school
to morrow and I should hardly
know how to get along without
Uncle Eber is worse than he

was, he has go the typhoid fever
and they do not think he will
ever be any better Aunt Irena is
also very sick.
Morrid came down from Mr. Parson’s
this morning and went to church
with Uncle Leonard she is over there
now I guess she will be here handly
to night.
Carrie hers not heard from Edmin
in three or four weeks. I do not
know what the reason is, she does
not seem to be very anxious to
hear, but I should think she would
The paper says that part of the
eighth Reg has been in a fight
Lately it gave the names of the
killed and wounded I am very
il glad that there was no one
that I new. The first news we
had of it the paper said that Capt.

Church was wounded but it
has since been contradicted. If David
was there I guess he thought they shot
more careless than he did before for he
says he thinks they shoot very careless.
I expect a letter from him soon.
If you was only here I think
we might go after home winter greens
before long. you had better come and
see if we couldent dont you think
so? and I suppose you know we
are going to have som strawberys
some time with in six months, if nothing
happens to prevent.
|a kiss.|             Your Mary.

P.S. Since I finished this Maria came
over and she has got a letter from Vt.
there was some goo dnews and some
bad. Amanda has got a little
girl about four weeks old, and Amanda
has lost her little girl it was just

a year old the day it died. it
wass the second of April. Sarah’s children
have goot the whooping cough.
Good by for this time