Byrns, William – October 21, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 1st Michigan Infantry

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Historical Figures: Fitz J. Porter, George B. McClellan

[twocolumns]Camp Near Sharpsburg Md
Sunday Eve Octo. 21st 1863
My dear Florence
I write just after a visit
From an “orderly” who bears bore an shunt but [  ?  ]
[   ?   ] message in his hand from our Col.
“Commandments of Companies will be prepared to
Move tonight with 3 days [   ?   ] victories.”
How be it known that [  ?  ] midnight of yester-
day the rain has poured down incease nighly +
still continues to fell with unslackened org’r
All this made easily enough but to make
The effort requires more than an ordering
amount of mental exertion. I have made
all preperations. They are very few. To five
the 1st Sergeant direction to distribute rations
+ inform the men that they will form +
strikes tents at a moments notice then
my personal matters must be attended to.
This is not an extensive juice of work for
I have only to jut a coat into my [   ?   ]
+ roll my slackies + our there [  ?  ].
We will call all this done except the
arrangement of the blankets they are never
put away by an “Old Campaigner” until the
final order for marching comes + I am
sitting by our Dutch oven trying to compare my
thoughts for a letter. I have given up in dispain

We feel more than usual interest in the
expected movements. We do not know whether
our Corps will be advanced or massed with
other portions of the Army before going into
the field of action. Do not know but that an
attack from the enemy is expected + that
we are only on the alert to meet them.
There is a rumor that one Corps is to be taken
to Washington to take the place troops fresher +
better fitted to take the field. I do not think
any [  ?  ] good luck can be the portion
done our duty. Tis said by some
spiteful editors that Tiz John Porter is
not a fighter but how one can to or he callers
of the history of the campaign on the Peninsula
+ then after each opinions in Preble is a matter
of wonder to me. We can refer to Yorktown
Hanover C.H., Mechanicsville. [  ?  ] 2 Hill. Lerkey
Rand. Malvern 2 Hills. Bull Run, Anteitam
+ Shepardstown 2 Ford as places where the 5
Corps have been + did hard fighting. Those
of the above Cattles marked (2) were fought by
the 5 [   ?   ] alone except Malvern where two
other Brigades enlisted. The fact is Florence
Gen Porter is considered a favorite of Mclelell
Ens + that is sufficient to being down the
Anatham of “[        ?        ]

Do I tire + plague you with so much talk of the army:
[  ?  ] we move if we do go tonight or in the A.M. I may
not be able to write you for some days but no room
as we arrive any where I will write.
Tis strange that I receive so few letters. I scarcely
Hear from my brother once a month + I write him
Every week. I do not like it.
What news from your brother [  ?  ]; We hear of but
little being done in the west. Col. Doolittle-the Parsons’
bro in law- is commanding a Brigade in Ky.
Charley Parsons will try + go home this winter + if we
can arrange matters satisfactorly to the powers
I will go with him.
We are ready even to cross the Potomas if we
can only [  ?  ] a change for further action
opuntions + then a rut.
I am anxious that the uncertainty with
Which our stay has been covered should be
Dispersed + we will do every thing to
Know our prospect for the winter.
Remember me to the friends. Do not
think me to much attached to
my work for I do sometimes think
of other matters. Write me very often
+ tell me if you still retain even a
favorable opinion of your of
Will B

[On Envelope:]

Your [  ?  ] youths swift [   ?   ] beat
To martial [  ?  ] you have worn
Young honors in the battle heat
Where plumes were bowed +torn

Miss Florence Clark
Care, A.B. Clark