Burns, Robert – December 11, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 4th Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned:

Historical Figures: Eli Long, Robert H. Minty

Head-Quarters 1st Brig., 2d Cavalry Division,
Huntsville Ala
December 11 1863.
My dear Davidson
Some time last month
I sent you $260 by Sergt Kendall. I have
not yet heard whether it (or they) arrived
safely. I have been looking for a letter
from you for sometime, but the mails “fail
to connect.”       You see we are again
in Huntsville and are well satisfied with
the change. Moved over here on the 25th
ult. The 4th Michigan is, I believe, some-
where near Knoxville. They went with Col
Long around the rebel army at the time of
the battle near Chattanooga and have not since
returned. The 1st Brigade has been lying
still since the 17th October, and probably
will while under the present leaders. Col
Minty has not yet returned to us. and we
do not know where he is. I am getting
very much disgusted with the inner work-
ings of the army. Any man of political in-

fluence can get any position, while deserving
soldiers we coolly jumped or passed over.
It is getting to be pretty much of a political game.
we are pleasantly situated here having tak-
en possession of a house. We each of us own
two or three darkies and are living very much
better than the Southern Planters themselves now.
Can wish for nothing obtainable in the eatable
line but what we get it. Tell our cook
Johnny to furnish a good dinner and he
will have an excellent spread for us how
or where procured we do not trouble ourselves
to ask. I am of the opinion that we shall
have to eat our Christmas dinner here. It
seems strange that we are so near Christmas
It is as warm as May out of doors. and we
can very comfortably get along with out a fire.
Our circle of acquaintances is very small. The
ladies are generally intensely secesh. The fair
rebels generally pass us by gazing haughtily
into the distance, totally unconscious that we
are within miles of them.

I wish you would get for me and keep
the “Annals of the Army of the Cumberland” late-
ly published by J.B. Lippincott of Philadelphia
It is a book, I suppose, more interesting to us
than to you. I have been in a great many
of the scenes there represented and know some
of them to be true.
A Iswon will probably live but a few
days longer. He is very low.         I am very
well. This kind of warfare agrees with me
physically.           Let me hear from you soon.
A very “Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year” to you, and any friends who may ven-
ture to enquire for me. Good night
Your affect brother

[On Envelope:]

J. Davidson Burns Esq