Booth, Henry W. – August 10, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

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Regiment: 3rd Michigan Infantry

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[twocolumns]Camp Harrison Va
Aug 10 /62

Dear Cousin
It has ben a long time
since I have heard from
you I have wrote to
you once before but
get no answer yet
I am well at present
+ hope this will find
you the same
How is all of the folks
about town + what is
a going on it has ben
some time since I have
heard any thing from
home or from you or in
fact from any body

where is susan + what
is she + marion adving
I have not heard from
them in some time
How is mary Brocket
+ where is she I want
to write to her
Chas + Geo. Harris was
taken prisoner but have
ben exchanged + are here
with the regt now they
are boath well I believe
[ ? ] Morris is well
I cant think of any thing
more to write that will
interest you so I will
close soon Plese give my
love to all + write soon
as you get this + donnt
forget it for you are apt
to forget to write

The weather is very warm
here at present
I am going to swim
this after noon if I get
time to do so
I must now close for
I cant think of any
thing more to write
this time
Plese write soo as you
get this + will write
more next time
my love to all
Good by for the pres
H. W. Booth
PS Dont forget
to ask mary Brocket to
write to me for I
should like to hear from
her       HW Booth[/twocolumns]