Baker, George W. – October 21, 1853

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 1st Michigan Infantry

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Canton Oct the 21 1853
Dear Cousin as we received
your kind letter I will try to
answer it we are all well Clit
is so she is around quite well
so we toock her over to her sis-
ters last thuresday & Adellbert
has gon to the north whare
Willie is so that leaves us
with but 2 children at home
quite unlike the family we
had where you was here if
it had bin like this we could
have taken some comfort
I am glad you got home all
right am glad your family
was protected while you was
gon how many blessings we

receive more than we disurve
I miss my boy very much but I
must learn this great lesson to
give up yess give up all & [ ? ]
it in the hand of the father
of us all I have bin to Sabbat
School & Church & feal as if
life would be very dreary wit
hout it oh that all might
feal the nesesity of these mearly
of grace it is real cold after
having such a nice rain Mr
Fuller has sold out & drawn
writings & received 2000 dollars
is to give posession the first
of april the neighbors &
friends are all well give my
love to all that I know in
that place I must close
from your true frien
in the lord Hillcole
& Cousin in the flesh Hila