Spear, Wallace M. – April 12, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 2nd Wisconsin Infantry

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No. 3
The United States                    to Wallace M Spear

On what account. Commencement and Expiration. Term of Service Charge Pay per Month Amount Remarks
Pay From… To… Months. Days. Dollars. Cents. Dollars. Cents. I hereby certify, on honor, that i am on Detached Service by authority of Special Order No.   dated Headuarters Department of Washington 22d Army Corps April 8, 1865
WM Spear Capt
1st Wis Vol ArtyI hereby certify that i have seen the above mentioned Order and noted this payment thereon.
Franklin Ames
For Myself March 1 1865 March 31 1865 1 70 0 70 0
For    1  private servant not soldier 2
14 73
For  private servant not soldier 1 2 50 2 50
For Horses
No. of days No. of Rations Total No. of Rations Post or place  where due. Price of Rations.
For myself for    year service 31 4 155 50 77
For  private servant not soldier 31 1


I HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing account is accurate and just; that I have not been absent with or without leave during any part of the time charged for; that I have not received pay, nor drawn rations, forage, or clothing, in kind, or received money in lieu
of any part thereof, for any part of the therein charged; that I actually owned, and kept in service, the horses, and employed the private servants for which I charge, for the whole of the time charged, and that I did not, during the terms so charged, or any part hereof, keep of employ a soldier as a waiter or servant; that the annexed is an accurate description of my servant; that for the whole period charged for my staff appointment, I actually and legally held the appointment, and did duty in the department; that I was the actual and only commanding officer at the double-ration post charge for; and that no officer, within my knowledge has a right to claim, or does claim, for said services for any of the period charged; that for the whole time brevet pay is claimed, I had the command stated; that I was actually in the command of a company for the whole time additional pay is charged; that I have not been in the performance of any staff duty for which I claim or have received extra compensation during the time an additional ration is charged for; that I have been in the United States Army as a commissioned officer for the number of years stated in the charge for extra rations; that I am not in arrears with the United States on any account whatsoever, and that the last payment I received was
from Paymaster Franklin Ames        , and to the 28th    day of  February, 1865.      I at
the same time acknowledge that I have RECEIVED of     Franklin Ames                   Paymaster U.S. Army, this 12th
day of  April, 1865     , the sum of  One Hundred fifty nine             dollars and  eighty eight          cents, being the amount and in full of said account. and I ceritfy on honor that I am not entitled to commutation for fuel and Quarters for any portion of the time charged for in this account.(SIGNED IN DUPLICATE.)                                               W.M. Spear Capt
1st Wis. Vol Arty
Description of Servants. Recapitulation.
Names. Complexion. Height.
Feet.    |  Inches.
Eyes. Hair Pay
Amount               $
James Ford Colored

Voucher No. 27
Paid the 12th of April 1865
Wallase M Spear
Capt. Co, A. 1st Wis Vol. Arty
From the 1st of March 1865
To the 31st of March 1865