Snow, Charles D. – March 7, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Newport News, Vir March 7th 1863 Dear Frankie, As I have just come off from guard and have little time I will write a few lines to you. I am well and I hope this will find you the same. It is raining a little this morning. Frankie, Charlie Stockwell is dead. He died yesterday morning about 4 0′ clock. He was very sick before we left Fredricksburg but he got better and I thought he was going to get well but he was taken down again and died.

Reynolds, Robert – January 1, 1863-January 19, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Tuesday, January 13, 1863.
The credulity of woman
on the subject of being
loved, is very great; they
often mistake a common
liking for a particular
regard, and on this
foundation build
up a castle in the air
and fill it with it
with all the
of their bright hopes
and confiding loved
and where some start-
ing fact destroys the
vision they feel as if
the whole oration were
a blank to them, and
they the most in
of woman
It is safer to be very
on the subject
of being loved; but if
you do make the
mistake, take all the
blame to yourself
and save your
by if you cannot
keep your heart from

Byrns, William – September 25, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp at Blackfords Ford Md. Sept. 25th 1862 My Dear Florence Two of your letters came this morning. The first mail I have received since leaving Washington. I know you must have written.

Burns, Robert – August 24, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp Minty, Detroit Aug 24, 1862 My dear Mother To you I will send the first word I have written since I entered camp. I am now as you see the second of your boys who has taken up soldiering as a business for a little while.

Byrns, William – February 1, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp Michigan Annapolis Junction, Md. Feb 1st 1862 Dear Florence: Your letter of last Sunday came. Your can not imagine what dull times there are now in our camp. For the whole of the present year we have not seen two days of sunshine.