Burns, Robert – December 26, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 26th December 1863 Major Sinclair A.A. Genl Sir: I [ ? ] to hand you the following report of the operations of the 1st Brigade 2nd Cavalry Division from the 13th to the 24th Sept. and including the Battle of Chicamauga.

Burns, Robert – October 20, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Head Quarters 1st Brigade 2d Cav’y Div Maysville Ala 10 miles N.E. of Huntsville Flint River Bridge Oct 20, 1863 My dear Davidson Down in this Dixie I shall attempt to write you a few lives. After wandering to and fro up and down the country, we have settled here for a few days. On 26th Sept and 7th Oct I wrote you a line each day to let you know that all was well with me. Since then I have been perfectly well physically but mentally and morally in a bad way. As things have been managed lately in this command we have been in a terribly swearing mood. But no matter.

Burns, Robert – August 14, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Camp at McMinnville Tenn Aug 14 1863 My dear Davidson Yours of 29th ult with postscript of the 30th I received several days ago. I have been looking for another from you in answer to one I sent by Porter enclosing $250. I suppose the money safely reached you. You will see by the heading above that we have again dropped back into Tennesee. We are now cooperating with Genl Van Cleve’s Division which is stationed here. I have met Otis his A.A.G. several times. We are now watching the left flank of our army and East Tennesee. We shall not probably stay here very long. We have been on a couple of scouts since our arrival and in one of them the 4th Mich had three men killed. Our Brigade now consists of 4th Regulars. 4th Michigan. 7th Penna and 3d InDiana. 1st Brigade 2d Cavalry Division. Genl Turchin was removed from the command about two weeks go, and Genl Croaks commands the Division. We however are detached from the Division for the present.