Burns, Robert – June 18, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

8 or 10 miles from Marietta Ga In the woods June 18, 1864 My dear Davidson It is a rainy, cheerless, miserable day and I cannot pass a few minutes in a better manner than in writing to you. Since I wrote you on the 12th we have moved forward about three miles. On the 15th the move was made and we were again engaged in skirmishing with the rebels. In fact we are fighting nearly every day (some part of our forces). We are upon the extreme left of the army and “jam” up against the enemy. Yesterday I rode around the picket lines and the rebel [ ? ] were in plain sight and within good range. The pickets were not firing on each other as there appeared to be a tacit agreement between them to remain quiet. I went out between the lines and picked the enclosed which I sen you. When we walked out (our horses we had to leave behind) the rebel pickets moved their hats to us.