Potter, Charles H. – September 25, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Louisville, Ky. Sept 25th 1862 Dear Father I take this opportunity to write a few lines to you to inform you of my health and of the rest of the Boys also. my health is very good at present, the rest of the boys are all well accept Wing & Chan they are. in the Hospital yet

Paddock, Byron D. – September 11, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Head Quarters Louisville KY Sept 11th 1862 Dear Hattie. No doubt you wonder at my long silence but it has been unavoidable. I have just returned from an expedition after Col Morgan the Celebrated [ ? ] Ranger but could not get up with him. Whilst stopping at [ ? ] to rest the men and horses I wrote a few lines to you but dont think you will get it until after this one cause to hand for Morgan burnt the Rail Road Bridge and cut off all communication with Louisville.