Dillon, Richard S. – March 7, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Hd Qrs 3rd Divis 5th A.C. March 7th 1865 Dear Colonel I was pleased by the receipt of a letter from you dated Feb 26th it came to hand on the morning of the 5th [ ? ] On making inquiry about the regimental mail I was informed it had been forwarded on Tuesday

Slack, Joseph B. – August 9, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

16 Mich. Infantry Vols. 3 Brig. 1 Div. 5 A Corps August 9 1864 Lieut. Geo. F. Kilets Adjutant 16 Mich. Infy. Vols. Lieutenant: I would respectfully through you, tender my resignation as 2 Lieutenant in this Regiment.

Merrill, Simeon B. – April 23, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp near Brandy Virginia April 23rd/64 Dear Wife I thought that I would write a few lines to you this afternoon to let you know that I am well and in good Spirits hoping that they may find my little family the same it is Saturday afternoon and all we have to do is to clean our guns and get ready for inspection this evening

Bronson, Spencer – December 6, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

December 6 1863 Camp near Kellys Ford Dear Sister A few days after my last letter was written we started on the march since which time we have been constently every day on the move this acts for my silence of over a week

Kellogg, John A. – September 20, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

Head Quarters 14th Regt N.S.S.M Camp “Philip Schuyler” Va. Sept 20th 1863 Brig Genl. S. Williams Genl. I respectfully ask permission to visit Brooklyn for Ten (10) days. the reason is as follows. I read in the Newspaper yesterday the obituary notice of the death of my Brother from disease contracted in the sinces; he leave behind him an Orphan Child aged five years and I desire to visit home to provide for the present and future wants of the Child.

Burns, Robert – July 16, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

Huntsville Alabama July 16, 1863 My dear Brother, We dropped in here yesterday for a few days after diners and sunday wanderings up and down the country. How long we shall remain the military powers that he can only tell. We have been in the saddle nearly all the time since I wrote you last (July 4th).

Byrns, William – April 7, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Camp near Potomac Creek, Va. April 7th, 1863 My Dear Florence, Your letter of the 28th came last night & I enjoyed reading it far too much to write. I am so glad to know that you are so well. Keep on improving & do not let your mind be troubled. Everything here is as usual. Save that today we were honored with a visit from “Father Abraham”. Last night there came an order that our Corps would be reviewed today by the President & this A.M. we were congratulating ourselves because of the beautiful day. For some reason we take pride in being reviewed by the President. We were bound to disappointment for early this A.M. came an order saying that there would be no review by that Lincoln would ride through our camps.

Reynolds, Robert – January 1, 1863-January 19, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Tuesday, January 13, 1863.
The credulity of woman
on the subject of being
loved, is very great; they
often mistake a common
liking for a particular
regard, and on this
foundation build
up a castle in the air
and fill it with it
with all the
of their bright hopes
and confiding loved
and where some start-
ing fact destroys the
vision they feel as if
the whole oration were
a blank to them, and
they the most in
of woman
It is safer to be very
on the subject
of being loved; but if
you do make the
mistake, take all the
blame to yourself
and save your
by if you cannot
keep your heart from