Burns, Robert – March 8, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Head-Quarters 1 Brig., 2d Cavalry Division, Huntsville Ala March 8 1864 My dear Davidson I have to-day sent to Mrs Iswon a dragt on you for $115 10/x which please pay, and enter on the credit side of your ledger. It is the balance of A’s money which I held in my hands.

Burns, Robert – October 20, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Head Quarters 1st Brigade 2d Cav’y Div Maysville Ala 10 miles N.E. of Huntsville Flint River Bridge Oct 20, 1863 My dear Davidson Down in this Dixie I shall attempt to write you a few lives. After wandering to and fro up and down the country, we have settled here for a few days. On 26th Sept and 7th Oct I wrote you a line each day to let you know that all was well with me. Since then I have been perfectly well physically but mentally and morally in a bad way. As things have been managed lately in this command we have been in a terribly swearing mood. But no matter.

Wasson, John – October 18, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Rankins ford Tenn Oct the 18th 63 Dear Uncle I Send you these fiew lines in answer to your letter of the 28th of August since that time I have had verry little oppertunity to write and we have not herd from home Since that time the rebs got one train of wagons with a lot of our Mail

Burns, Robert – September 17, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Head Quarters 1st Brigade 2d Cav’y Div Reeds Bridge, Caktoosa County Georgia Sept 17, 1863 My dear Brother Here I halt for a few moments to drop you a line. We are still pushing on as you see. I wrote you on the morning of the 13th + sent the letter to Detroit by Ed Owen who has been compelled to resign. We left Chattanooga that afternoon and crossed the line into Georgia.

Squire, Linus T. – January 21, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

Hd. Qrs. 11th Mich. Inf. Vols Murfreesboro Tenn 21st Jan. /63 Dear Cousin “Phil” Once more in this “course of human events” it become necessary for me to write an answer to a letter from you I recd your favor of the 21st ult. a few days since but have had no opportunity of answering before on account of the great press of business, consequently I am under the necessity of asking you to excuse my tardiness, which I think you will grant under the circumstances.

Oliver, John M. – December 5, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Head Qrs Right Wing 15th Corps Dec 5th/62 Hon E. M Stanton Secretary of War Washington D.C. Sir I have the honor to recommend Col Oliver 15th Mich for promotion my acquaintance with Col Oliver is limited yet I met him upon the Battlefield of Shiloh when he behaved with great gallantry and did good execution under my own supervision He is a gallant Soldier

Fox, Perrin V. – October 23, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

In the Field, Rolling Fork Ky. Oct. 23rd 1862 Dear Ida No letter from you since I wrote, but I gladly embrace every opportunity that presents, to inform you of the changes which we are making. Last monday morning we left camp two miles east of Crab Orchard,

Wasson, Thomas – October 19, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Tenn Rankins Ferry Oct. 19th ‘62 Kind friend yours of the 20th came to hand about a week since I have delayed answering it for various reasons. The first is that I have had no material to Write on and we have been very busy since we were in the fight on Saturday but were not actively engaged most of the time

Fox, Perrin V. – September 19, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

[ ? ] Knob Ky. Sept. 19th 1862 My Dear Ida If you were on the hills at whose base we lay, you could get a pretty good birds eye view of the Army of the Ohio. Wood’s Division is in the advance, six miles from here.