King, Rufus

About the Author Rufus King was born on January 26, 1814 in New York City, New York.  He graduated from the United States Military Academy on July 1, 1833 and served in the U.S. Army until September 30, 1836.  On May 17, 1861, King enlisted as a Brigadier General in the U.S. Volunteers General Staff and was mustered into service …

Benton, Thomas H. – August 14, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Cedar Mountain, Va. Aug. 14th, 1862 Dear Father: We are now some forty miles from Fredericksburg, at Cedar Mountain, the late field of battle. We arrived here on last Monday night after two days hard marching. On the evening of the first day we crossed the Rappahannock River at Ellis’s Ford, wading up to our middle. That was Sunday. On Monday at 3 A.M. we again commenced marching, and marched upwards of thirty miles to this place.

Benton, Thomas H. – May 5, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Camp near Rappahannock, May 5th 1862 Dear Father: I received you kind letter of the 28th of April last night and was glad to learn that you were all well at home. I received a letter from Jesse a short time since, and he did not say anything about Susan being unwell. When I wrote to you last, we were on the Fredericksburg railroad six miles northeast of the city. On Friday last we marched to where we now are.

Benton, Thomas H. – March 1, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Fort Craig, Va. Mar. 1st 1862 Dear Father: I received your letter last night and was very glad to hear that mother was better. Since I wrote to you last I have received a letter from Joseph and Tommy, and one from Jesse. I have got more papers this two or three weeks past than I know what to do with.

King, Rufus – June 5, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Washington, Wednesday, June 5th. Hon. A. W. Randall Gov. of Wisconsin Dear Sir I wrote you a hasty note last evening announcing my arrival in this city and expressing the hop that I should be able, at an early hour this morning, to procure an interview with the Secretary of War and lay before hime the business with which you had charged me. I failed to see Gen. Cameron this morning as he was not at the War Department; but I was fortunate enough to find the Secretary of State disengaged and obtained from him a very urgent recommendation in favor of the acceptance of a full Brigade from our State.

King, Rufus – April 30, 1861

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Astor House, N.Y. April 30, 1861. Dear Governor Your despatch of the 29th came to hand about noon, today. I immediately telegraphed, in reply, that I would attend to your requests. Accordingly, I called on Gen. Wool, who commands this Department; requested an order for arms and an officer to muster our Wisconsin contingents into service, and I read your despatch to him. The General referred me to Washington which I cannot reach before tomorrow night