Oliver, John M. – March 27, 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

Hd Qrs 3 Brig 2 Div 15 AC Goldsboro NC 27 March 1865 My Dear Wife I have just received your letters of the 3 November 24 January 20 of February & 2d March also a note of my dearst Willy 24 January. You My own were the first and indeed the only one as yet to tell me anything about confirmations I suppose one will hear officially in a day or so Your letter of March 2d came first & was very welcome fully as much & as the news in the paper. I expected opposition & would not been greatly surprised to have been defeated as there seems to be no way to reach the rascals who malign me so persistantly

Knowles, John – December 29, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Nashville Tennessee Dec 29th 1864 Dear Mother I take my pen in hand to answer your kind letter that I received on Christmas day and I tell you that I was glad to hear from you to hear that you was all well that is one fine blessing if we allways could realize good health but I cant say that for this country for it is pretty sickly down here at presant it may be on the acount of the weather being so changeable

Hogmire, Mitchell H. – December 23, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Brownsville Sta Arkansas Dec. 23 64 Dear Father As I was thinking it a long time since I received a letter from you and forgetting whether I had answered or not will now improve the present This leaves us well I mean all but John Bonesteel he has a bad cough Hope this may find you enjoying good health which is the source of happiness

Wallace, Lewis – December 1, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Nashville, Tenn, Dec. 1, 1864 Dear cousin lib, after 63 days long and fatiguing scouting Taking the weather as it came i am again permitted for the Time to communicate with my friends in gods country. Well Cousin have had time of it for the last three weeks. There Was not barely a day but what we either had a skirmish or a Regular fight.

Knowles, John – November 30, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Bowling Green, Nov 30th 1864 Dear Father Mother, I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well at presant hoping that these few lines will find you in the same state of health we are a laying over today so I thought I would write a few lines to you to let you know where i be

Burns, Robert – November 15, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

H’d Qrs 1st Brig 2d Cav’y Div Louisville, Ky Nov 15, 1864 My dear Davidson Nearly two months have passed since writing you, but we have been a great part of the time on the other side of the interrupted rail road communications and all of the time on the march.

Wiser, Alphonso H. – October 26, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp at Atlanta Ga Oct the 26 1864 Dear wife I now seat myself to write these few lines to you and hope they will find you well for they leave me in good helth Sina i have Not had any letter from you in A long time but i will say it may be on the Acount of the rail rod being burt

Burns, Robert – August 30, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Head-Quarters 1st Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, Department of the Cumberland, Near Sand Town GA August 30 1864. My dear Mother I suppose Davidson has written you informing you of my safe return from one of those raids which have lately ended so unfortunately in this department. On the night of the 17th we started and after going away around both the armies of Sherman and Hood returned on the 22d.

Burns, Robert – August 17, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

Head-Quarters 1st Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, Department of the Cumberland, Peach Tree Creek, GA August 17 1864. My dear Davidson Since mine to you of the 4th inst until the 15th we were laying in the trenches
before Atlanta dismounted and expecting every twelve hour to enter the city. We are not there yet as you will probably be aware when you read the telegrams of this late. I shall not foretell when we shall enter the place as I don’t know, and have too often burned a false prophet. Our lines nearly [ ? ] it, and are about eighteen miles in length. Yesterday Capt Thompson + I rode the extreme length of them from left to right and return. and saw the great army under Sherman at some places we are close to the city. and at others several miles distant.

Wasson, Thomas – January 12, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Waterloo, Ala Jan the 12th/1864 Kind friend: Yours of the 3rd was duly received on the 19th and should have been an- swered before. We started on the Campaign after old Hood, but the weather was so intensely cold that it was impossible to write, infact the only way that we could keep from suffering was to go into our tents and cover up with our blankets. As we were camped close to Nashville, there was very little wood to be got.