Cooley, Maxwell G. – April 23, 1863

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 10th Michigan Infantry

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To Be Given to Volunteers at the Time of Their Discharge to Enable
Them to Receive Their Pay, &c.

I certify, on honor, that Maxwell G. Cooley First Sergeant
of Captain H. L. Burnetts Company (A) of the Tenth Regiment of Michigan Infantry
Volunteers, of the State of Michigan, born in Lewis County, State
of New York, aged 31 years; 5 feet 3 ½ inches high; Dark complexion, Blue eyes,
Brown hair, and by occupation a Painter, having joined the company on its original organization
at Byron Michigan, and enrolled in it at the muster into the service of the United States
at Flint Mich, on the 6th day of February, 1863, (or was
mustered in service as a recruit, by                       , at ,
on the                        day of                      , 186 , to serve in the Regiment) for the term
of 3 years: and having served honestly and faithfully with
his Company in                         , to the present date, is now entitled to a discharge by reason
of Promotion

The said Maxwell G. Cooley was last paid by Paymaster
Tillman to include the 28th day of February, 1863, and has pay due him
from that time to the present date, and also pay for the use of his horse, (having been mounted during the time,)
and he is entitled to pay and subsistence for traveling to the place of enrolment and whatever other allowances are
authorized to volunteer soldiers, or militia, so discharged. He has received Two (2) 75/100
dollars advanced by the United States on account of clothing.
There is to be stopped from him, on account of the State of              , or other authorities,
for clothing, &c., received on entering service,                      /100 dollars; also, for expenses of subsistence
for traveling from place of enrolment to the place of rendezvous, amounting to                    /100 dollars:
and on account of the United States for extra clothing received in kind from
and for other stoppages, viz:

amounting to                    /100 dollars;
and he has been subsisted for traveling to his place of enrolment up to the                  186           .
He is indebted to                , Sutler,                      /100 dollars;
Given in duplicate, at Nashville, this 23d day of April, 1863.

Bradford, Co K
1st Lieut Commanding Company.

Note.-Two of these certificates, (or duplicates,) are to be given to each volunteer soldier who may be discharged previously to the discharge of his
company, that he may at once receive from the paymaster the pay, &c., due him, and the captain or other officer commanding the company, will certify
to the act of the deliver of the duplicate certificates; on these certificates the Soldier is “entitled to” his discharge, and should also present his discharge
to the Paymaster to have the payment endorsed on it. The discharge is to be given back to the Soldier, by the Paymaster; the latter only retaining as
his voucher the duplicate certificates.