Smith, Asa – January 28, 1864-August 11, 1864; May 1865

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 6th Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned: Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia; Newtown, Virginia; Petersburg, Virginia; Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia; Trevilian Station, Virginia

Historical Figures: Ambrose E. Burnside, Franz Sigel, George A. Custer, George B. McClellan, George H. Steuart, Hugh J. Kilpatrick, James Longstreet, Joseph Hooker, Philip H. Sheridan, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman

I Velma E Gunning
cherishes this Book.
It is over 100 years
old. And I [ ? ]
[ ? ] my 86th Birthday.
I was born on May
tenth 1907.
My husband’s Father
(John W. Gunning) severed
in the Civil War also.
He was the drumer boy.
I have never heard a
Negro say “Thank You”
to norther who enlisted
to free the slaves.

Asa Smith
Livingston Co.
New York
Jan. 28th / 64

Jan 28 Grand Rapids Mich
Enlisted in the
service of the US
Sixth Michigan Cavalry
Co. H. Enlisted by
Sergt. J.L. Martin
Drew one set of dishes

“ 29 In the Mich City

“ 30 I in the baracks
and city

“ 31 I in the baracks

Feb 1st In the barack

2 In the baracks

Feb 3 Grand Rapids
“ 3 in the baracks
“ 4 in the baracks
signed the pay
I have this day deposited
with W.D. Foster my
certificate of enlistment
credited to the township
of Assyria County of
Barry which he
promises to preserve
& hold for me untill
I demand it or otherwise
authorize him to deliv=
er it to any who may
legaly call for it
Asa Smith
Grand Rapids
Feb 5 I in the baracks
6 I Barack and
in the citty received
$73.00 from the state of
Michigan as state
7 in the city

8 mailed a letter
mailed a letter
to Cleopatra
started from Grand
Rapid for Washin
gton changed cars
in Detroit 8am changed
9 cars in Toledo [ ? ] in
Cleveland [ ? ]

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 10 changed 3PM cars in Pittsburgh
11 on the road to Baltmore

12 arived in Baltimore
ten oclock am
took cars for Washington
one oclock arrived in
Washington past three
took the boat for
Elaxandra six oclock
went from the landing
to the baracks
13 In the baracks

14 in the Baracks
15 in the baracks
new arms overcoat

16 on the road
from Elaxandra to

17 in the baracks
choping logs
for tent

18 in camp building
a tent
19 in camp building a
tent drilling standing
guard and etc

20 went to Stevensburg

21 about camp and [ ? ]
22 went to Stevensburg

Virginia Feb 23 64

23 went to second corpse
inspection wrote
a letter Ellen
Spicer mailed
an alotment calling
for sixteen dollars
number 6140 to Ellen Spicer
wrote a letter for
G. Parmer

24 in camp doing duty

25 in camp

26 in camp

27 went to Brandy
[ ? ] up

Virginia Feb 28/64

27 station for horses

28 in camp on march
crossed the Rapidan
Asa T. Spicer DrLn $1,00
29 on the march

Virginia March

1 on the march
burning railroad
buildings etc

2 on the march under
fire at Richmond
3 on the march
4 on the march
5 on the march
6 camped at Yorktown

6 in camp left for Yorktown
cross to Portsmouth
camped at portsmouth
Asa T Spicer Dr to $5.00
7 took boat for Yorkto-

Virginia Portsmouth
7 stoped at Fortress
Monroe landed
Gloucester Point
went in to camp
three mile from

8 started on a raid
to King George Court

9 camped at Centersville

9 on the march Lieutenant
Dalgren reported as
being murdered.
in camp

Virginia March 10

10 on march heavy
rain. in camp
near New Dragon

11 on march to New
Dragon Bridge
bridge burned.
counter marching
join main column
near Gloucester Court
House in camp 4 miles
from corthouse

12 on march for Gloucester
Point went in camp

Virginia March 12 /64
12 which we left
on the eighth inst.
left camp for Glou-
cester Point camped
on the beach

13 took boat for Elax
andra ran out in
channel from wharf perhaps
5 miles anchored
till morning of 14th
Charley Butler Dr. to $100
14 heaved anchor.
the Daniel Webster towed
us towards Elaxandra
Entered the mouth
of the Potomac

Virginia March 14 /64
15 three oclock pm
anchored in the
river all night

16 landed in Elaxandra
went in camp in
camp and the
soldiers rest

17 in Elaxandra 12 oclock
(am) started on the
Elaxandra & Midleburg
pike marched to
Fairfax went in camp

18 started for Bealton
Station passed the

Virginia March 18 /64
18 Station passed Warenton
Station before passing
Bealton also Raphan
oc. crossed the Raph
hanoc. on the pontoon
bridge arived at
Brandy Station 2
oc. pm. went in
Stevensburg camp
4 oc. pm

19 in camp choping a
load of wood Regt
on inspection recd
a box from home
George Parmer Dr. $1,00
John Carlyle Dr $1,00

Virginia March 20 64

20 wrote a letter home
in camp drilling etc
wrote a letter uncle Jesse Smith

21 in camp wrote a letter
to uncle Jesse Smith
George Parmer Dr $602.45

22 orderly at reg head
quarters on drill etc

23 wrote a letter Lucy
Vanliew. company
on picket

24 in camp fixing the tent
policing the yard etc

Virginia March 25 /64

25 wrote a letter to Lucy
Vanliew in camp

26 mailed a letter to
Lucy Vanliew
in camp
27 on duty orderly
head quarters regt
28 ord duty head
quarters regt on
drill dress parade
29 ordered to be in
readiness for
brigade inspection
inspector G. U. S. Grant

Virginia March /64

30 in camp on Drilling
and etc rumors of the
regt moving

31 went to the camp
of the first New York
Mounted Dragoons
from their camp to
Seadar Mountain
from Cedar Mountain
to Summerville
ford back to their
camp again passed
Slaughter Mountain
staid overnight
with William

April 1st / 64

1 rode back to Steven
sburg camp. signed
the pay roll. it
rains this afternoon
rec eighty five cts $00.85
from the government
2 in camp geting wood
3 in camp wrote a
letter to Chris Smith
allso one to Mary
Ann Smith. dark
and cloudy today
4 in camp policing the
street etc

Virginia Apr 5 1864

5 wrote a letter to Miss
Ananetta Dimonck
rec a letter from uncle
Jesse Smith allso
one from brother

6 mailed a letter
to Miss A. A. Dimonck
her adress Redford PO
Waine Co Michigan
doing duty in camp
7 in camp doing
police duty repair
ing the tent brigade
inspection pm

Virginia 1864
7 wrote & mailed a letter
to Brother Jesse

8 company on picket
on brigade drill.
warm and pleasant
sutler ordered to move
15th Apr.

9 in camp report of
a part of our cavalry
force crossing the river
(Rapidan) heavy rain

10 went to the 5th mich
Cav. wrote a letter
to Hariet E. Smith

Virginia Apr 11th / 64

11 on brigade inspection
mailed a letter to
Hariet E. Smith

12 in camp wrote a
letter to uncle
M. D. Lafayett Smith
General Lee reported
as making a flank
movement by the of
shanandoah valley

13 inspection of horses
in the A.M. mounted
Drill in the afternoon
warm & pleasant

Virginia Apr 14 /64

14 mounted Drill in
the forenoon saber
drill in the PM
drew a Spencer
Rifle number
13203 rifle sling
cartridge Box
wrote a letter for
Orlando Hazleton
General Longstreet
reported as being
in Richmond
Sutlers leave the regt
this morning allso
all other citizens and

Virginia Apr 15/64

15 mounted Drill in
AM brigade Drill
in the PM. rec a letter
from aunt Lucy

16 in camp in the AM
went to Kilpatricks
head quarters went
out south of our camp
met the fifth Michigan
adressed by General
Kilpatrick Kilpatrick
takes his leaf of the
the third Division
for the army in the
west rainy and

Virginia Apr 17th / 64

17 went to Stevensburg
wrote and mailed
a letter to Lucy
Vanliew on dress
parade the third
Division second
brigade vicaversit
is transfered to the
first Division first
Brigade warm
and pleasant .

18 mounted drill in AM
ordered to move out
tomorrow dress parade
and etc warm and

Virginia Apr 19 /64

19 breaking up camp
at Stevensburg
ten oc on the march
for the first Division
found a camp ground
three oclock PM.
Detailed for picket
went out to the reserve
on third relief

20 on picket post No. 4
all quiet on the lines
exchanged some coffee
for milk. weather warm
and pleasant plentiful
snow in sight on
the Blue Ridge

Virginia Apr 21 /64

21 on picket post No. 4
post doubled at night
some signs of an
attack a few caval
rymen fire on the
first Vermont
22 pickets we withdraw
our pickets perhaps
three miles relieved
from picket went in
camp at Culpepper
rec a letter from
Miss Samantha Dinnon
General Lee reported
as entering the Shanan
doah Valley. l am
dismounted Lieut Tyler
takes my horse

Virginia Apr 23 /64

23 in camp the dismounted
men formed into line
divided into plattoons
I am No 16 of the second
24 in camp excused
from duty on account
of sickness wrote a letter
for Orlando Hazelton
wrote a letter to Mrs.
W. M. Cox allso mailed
a book to her wrote
a letter Cleopatra mailed
Gen Kilpatrick photogr=
aph to her dismounted
men to turn their sabers

allso horse equipment

Virginia Apr 25th /64
25 on dismounted Drill.
went to the First NY
Mounted Dragoons
wrote a letter to B.
Carpenter. to miss
Laura. her adress
Lock. Box 608 Coving
ton Ky.

regt on march to
James Citty return
same day Error

26 in camp dismounted
Drill weather warm
and pleasant prospect
of a march rebs
reported at James City

Virginia Apr 27th /64

27 in camp on dismounted
drill. regt on inspection
unarmed men are
armed with Spencer
rifles. General Burnside
reported as approach-
ing with a heavy force
Gen. Seagle also reported
as coming up the
Shenandoah Valley
in force. Culpepper and
surrounding country
is found fortified with
forts breastworks and etc
a military depo is being
established at Culpepper
warm pleasant

Virginia Apr 28/64
28 regt on march to
james city march
to the city and return
to camp a few prisoners
taken. policing in
camp on dismounted
Drill. charg made
on madison cort
house by first brigade

29 in camp regt ordered
to muster for pay
tomorrow men in the
regt who are under
arrest are to have
their cort martial forth
Virginia Apr 30th /64

30 went to the Brigade
commission all to the division
commis for provisions Regt
musters for pay. Co. [ ? ]
dismounted men return
to the regt. they have been
on detached duty. all
dismounted men in the
regt move their tents
outside of the camp ocu=
pied by the mounted men
Sunday orders read in
regard to the propper treat=
ment of government horses.
rec a letter from home.
prospect of rain
John Dr. $1.00

Virginia May 1st/1864

1 in camp rec orders or
orders we expect which
will result in the moving
of camp. rec a letter
from home. Sunday orders
in regard to camp
guards and etc.

2 on guard in the AM.
dismounted men move
camp in PM. pitching
tents etc severe rain
and wind storm. recd
a letter from H.E. Smith
allso one from Aaron Port
adress 3 Mich Vet Vol.
St. Louis, Missouri

Virginia May 3d 1864

3 in camp no duty but
dress parade pickets
drove in they are reinforced
and take the line again
policing streets etc
building a tent
for Lieutenant [ ? ] Cox
the army in all probab=
ility will move tomorrow
General Lee reported
as having twenty thous
and cavalry across the
river. went to the Brigade

Virginia May 4th / 64

4 packing and preparing
to march started
on the march 9am
the whole army of
the Potomac on
the move camped
near Eelies ford
on the rapadan
5 Cavy firing in direction
of Chanclorville camped
over night on the
Chanclorsville batle
ground engagement
near Chancelorsville
dismounted men guard
the train

Virginia May 6th 1864

6 battle kept up through
the night since the fifth inst.
to day our forces ordered
them off the field our
loss comparitively small
the [ ? ] falled back
to Eelies ford dismounting
men counter march back
[ ? ] ford camp for
the night [ ? ]
loss reported as being taken

7 the train returns to Chan
cllorsville guarding the
train went to the front
[ ? ] fourth cav

Virginia May 7th 1864
7 Fredericksburg reported a being
in our possession. Lee
retreats Burnside
in pursuit

8 left the front in am
sent back to the train
Gordonsville in our pos=
ession Gen Kill reported
as driving the enemy
at Richmond loss of
the army reported
as being two thousand
killed and wounded
[ ? ] on train moves
back to the place where
it [ ? ]
of the [ ? ]

Virginia May 8th /1864

8 tremendous fighting at the
front the sixth core hold
them in check Gen Sigel
killed Longstreet taken
9 our Cavalry force
or corps all pass
through the reb
lines prehap in route
for Richmond the
wounded carried to [ ? ]
[ ? ] 9 corps lost
the right Seagel
reported as joining
on the right wing
of our army Rebel comuni
cation [ ? ] from Rich
mond Sunday reports

Virginia May 10 /1864

10 the strugle at the
desparate we drive
from their fortifications
to day we have one
hundred heavy guns
guns in comanding
positions the wounded
are brought to the
rear by the hundr
eds the ground
trembles from the
report of the canon

11 the canonading is not
very heavy some prisoners
taken Lee reported as
being wounded heavy mus=
ketry artillery duel after
[ ? ]

Virginia May 12th 1864

12 the cannonading is heavy
this we have one hundred
heavy pieces of artillery
in comanding positions
the loss is heavy on both
sides Lee sends in a
flag of truce for time
to bury his dead Grant
does not accept it tells him
the dead will take care
of themselves best he will
give him four hours of
the heaviest fighting he
ever had. the dismounted
men move in the direction of
Fredericsburg it rains all
day Gen Stewart and his

Virginia May 12th 1864

12 comand taken prisoners
we go in camp about
four miles from Fredericks=
13 start for aquia creek
13 landing with nine thou
sand prisoners pass
through Fredericsburg
which is used as a
general hospital cross
the river on the pontoon
bridge went through to
the landing which
place we arived at
about dark pitch our
tents guarding them
through the night

Virginia May 14th /1864

14 guarding prisoners,
more prisoners come
in to day heavy fighting
at the front to day
reinforcements being
sent to the front
one hundred Rebel
officers take prisoners
for Washington Sanitary
Comission at the landing
taking care of the wounded

15 went down to the landing
recruits for the six mich
come from Washington
mounted prisoners are being
sent to Washington

Virginia May 15th/ 1864

15 more prisoners come
in Lee probably suroun=
ded fighting at the
front captured artill=
ery coming in 40 pieces
[ ? ]
16 start back for perhaps
Fredericsburg camped
for the night on one of
Burnsides & Hookers old
camp grounds prisoners
going to the rear fighting
at the front the roads
full of wounded going
to the rear.
No of R. Wentworths
Spencer Rifle 13365

Virginia May 17th 1864

17 started for Frederics=
burg crossed the
river on pontoon bridge
pitch tents back of
Fredericsburg. ordered
to pack move back
on the Fredericsburg
hights on the ground
fought over by Burnside
and Hooker the ground
seems to indicate signs
of heavy fighting on picket

18 on Fredericsburg hights on
picket duty some prisoners
taken three men found

Virginia May 18th 1864

18 with their throats
cut the house burned
where they were found

19 on the hights yet
out on a foraging
expedition to day a
large quantity
of gold and silver
were found jewelry
found all all kinds
of liquor and [ ? ]
rec mail to
night for the first
since we cross
the river a letter
from Cleopatra

Virginia May 20th 1864

20 General Grant reported
as driving Lee four miles
to day. heavy fighting
on the left [ ? ] wagon
train attacked and
wagons captured but are
recaptured again

21 left Fredericsburg Hights
this morning follow
down the Fredericsburg
& Richmond railroad
for 16 miles a hard ma=
rch. camped for the night
as guard for the wagon
train. the weather is
verry warm. the corn is
being had for the first time ,

Virginia May 22nd 1864
22 moved camp about a
mile this morning
went in camp again
the 1st 5th & 9th corpse
wagon train are passing
to day the pontoon train
is also passing three
deserters come in camp
late from Richmond
they report Lee as recently
being reinforced with
12000 from Richmond
allso report the cars as
running from Richmond
to beardan Station
Lee in full retreat Grant
in full pursuit.

Virginia May 23rd 1864

23 Start for Bowling Green
arive this 6 oc PM. regt
in dismounted brigade
sent out on guard. heavy
canonading at the front.
our wagon train attacked
we move from Bowling Green
to Millford Station. on
the railroad. the weather
exceedingly warm the
nights cool. the train
parking in at the station
in camp over night

23 take up the march again
this morning cross [ ? ]
[ ? ] River stop for a short
car up

Virginia May 24th 1864
[ ? ]
24 on the bank of the river
take the march Longstreet
for Poppular Inn
where we go in camp
again for the night
I allso went out forage
in the afternoon
heavy fighting at the
front a brigade of
rebels reported as being
taken at Fredericsburg
nine thousand reported
as being taken at the
front today Lee
is on the retreat
heavy losses on both

Virginia May 25th 1864

25 in camp doing picket
duty guarding the train
etc several gurilas
taken considerable many
horses cattle etc taken
some dismounted men come
in from the regt from
writing [ ? ] some letters
home my horse again from A Tylor
26 dismounted men from
the regt report with
the dismounted men
of the foot Brigade train
on the move the army seems
to be making a rear
movement heavy fighting
at times and yet Gen Lee falls
Virginia May 27th 1864

27 pack our tents this morn
ing and take up the
march we follow the
train cross Mattapony
river march all night
the morning of the 28th go
into camp near [ ? ]
a great many of the
men line out straglers
coming in this morning
of 28th

28 went out foraging
grain for my horse I allso
found some hams etc
came back to camp the whole
brigade had taken up
the march carpenter
caried over

Virginia May 28th 64

Livingston. Morris Bordon
myself follow in the rear
go in camp three miles from
29 started on the march
early in the morning
caught up with the
brigade. on guard &
start again on the march
marching in direction of
white house landing come
to halt in the afternoon
near [ ? ] river
the wagon train pssing
going camp mich Brig
in [ ? ] loss of the 6th
15 killed 20 wounded

Virginia May 30th 1864

30 start on the march
again guarding train
and rear guard of
Brigade marching in
direction of Hanover
station several prisoners
reported as being taken
camp near the pamunkey
river start for the regt
mounted cross the river
got in camp 3 miles from
the river wrote a letter
to M D L Smith
25 men detailed to go
to the regt [ ? ] mounted

Via June 1st 1864

1 on the way to the
regt adj Barnhart
in command of squadron
the sixth and eighteenth
army corps going to the
front the sixth corpse
relieve the first div
first brigade cav corpse
arive at the regt at
sundown go in camp
for the night. mail
some letters home allso
one to M. D. L. smith

2 on the march in the direction
of botoms Bridge fall
back in the rear of the
caried up

Virginia June 2nd 1864
brot up
2 Brigade for sadle &
horse equipment & div
at the front they are
reported as being driven
back camp for the night
near [ ? ] bridge
fifteen miles from
3 in camp in the forenoon
our batries get a positi
on to shell the rebles
out of the works built
by McClellan which
they have been repairing
the works are across
Colonial bridge we move
camp in order to suport the

Virginia June 4th /64

4 Break camp early in
the morning on this mar
ch. Custers brigade in
the advance heavy
fighting on the right
some of our wagon trains
captured the cavalry
force seems to be moving
on the right of the
enemy. go in camp
near the four corners
leading to Botom
bridge to White house

5 on the march 3
squadron 6 mich
up   guard the rear of the
caried   train

Virginia June 5th 1864
brot up
5 march down the Pam=
unkey river go in
camp near the second Brigade
fair prospects of making
a raid in a few days

6 take up the march
march in direction
of White house landing
make up to the pamun=
ky river again camp
near the pontoon brid=
ge which is being thr=
own across the river
wrote a letter home

Virginia June 7th 1864

7 take the march again
this morning take
a northerly course
nearly in the direction
of Fredericsburg pass
through the village
of Elliot marching
verry steady a great
many horses tire out
go in camp
8 start on the march
early in the morning march
in direction of Fredericsburg
pass Polecat Station on the
railroad. a large cavalry
force of Lees reported as
caried being in vicinity of Port
up                                   royal

Virginia June 8th 1864

brot up leading perhaps to
Bowling green
go in camp for the night

9 on the march in early in morning
marching in direction
of Beverdam Station
within 4 miles of the station
take the road leading to
to gordonsville go in
camp for the night the
enemy in our front
10 on the march Custers
Brigade in the advance
signs of the enemy being
in the vacinity of Gordonsville
go in camp near Trevellian
carried Station on the gordonsville

Virginia June 10th 1864
brot over
10 and Birchmont R.R.

11 take the march again
this morning masing
for the railroad custers
brigade 5 & 6 mich in
advance the enemy firing
on our rear the 5 & 6 mich
charge down across the
railroad the 5 are off
by our batry from the
6 and charge alone
the enemy charge on our
front and rear but
are successfully repulsed
the 6 mich dismounted
caried to fight on foot

Virginia June 11th 64
brot up
11 action wright left
front rear custers
brigade surrounded
the enemy charge on the
battery capture one piece
custer and a squad
of men charge the rebs
retake the cannon custer
collor bearer killed in
the charge the rebs
capture our colors Gen
custer charges the
rebles personaly recaptures
his colors with his own
hands we capture a
whole brigade of the
caried rebs lead horses but are

ft over Virginia June 11th 1864

11 unable to hold them
a part of our pack train
captured the sixth mich
charge on the rebles
line take a large number
of prisoners our loss in
the comparatively small
fighting kept up all day
the second brigade come
by in the after noon loss
of our regt 130 killed wounded
taken prisoners missing etc
our men tore up the rail r
burn the station etc the
brigade dismounted
[ ? ] on the skirmish line
all night our maior taken pris
oners but all of them escape

Virginia June 12th 1864

12 first brigade in the
front 6th mich in advance
they advance on the enemies
works which are thrown
up across the railroad
draw sabers for a charge
they return sabers dis=
mount to fight on foot
action left lead horses
to the rear the enemy
are behind heavy breastworks
and are suported with
their artilery which hold
the only comanding posi=
tion in vacinity all of
our cavalry force engag
caried ed the enemy are repor=
over                                     ted

brot over Virginia June 12th 1864

12 as fighting us with cavalry
and infantry our batries
fail to get a good position
allthough do good execution
our lead horses are shelled
but few are killed both
parties engaged hold
their ground but few
prisoners are taken on
either side our loss in
in killed but few a large
number are wounded
some of our wounded are
probably left on the field
fighting kept up all day
till after dark we
car up withdraw our forces

brot up Virginia June 12th 64

12 and fall back on the
road we advanced
counter march all
night the enemy are
reported as being on
the retreat
13 on the march all day
the weather warm
the dust allmost suffoc
ating many horses tire
out our wounded in all
probability suffer
to day got in camp for
the night a strong picket
line thrown out a few of
the enemy follow up our

Virginia June 14th 1864

14 take the march in
direction of fredericsburg
[ ? ] marching to day
Gen. Grant reported as
across the chickahomany
swamp in force a
fire [ ? ] day
go in camp for the

15 on the march take
the road in direction
of Bowling green goe
in camp near the
mataponi river
weather very warm
going in direction of
west front

Virginia June 16th /64

16 on the march [ ? ]
ing all day on [ ? ]
[ ? ]. Stoped at the house
where Stonewall
Jackson died
the rebs reported
as being in vacinity
of whitehouse land
go in camp on
a branch of the
matapony river

17 marching towards
pumunky river
first brigade in

Virginia June 18th /64

18 on the march marching
in direction of the
river marching steady
considerable maney
horses tire out go
in camp for night

19 on march pass bowling
green, newtown pass
near king & queen ct ho=
use. go in camp near
fraziers ferry. rear
guard of the corpse
dismounted men
wounded men prisoners
and servicable men
car goe to the verry [ ? ]

up rout to the rear


Virginia June 20th 64

brot up

20 march back to walker=
town take the road
leading to white house
landing pass dunker
king William cort
house lanes ville
camp near the landing
our force have an
engagement at the lan=
ding to day the gunbo=
ats. take part the
enemy fall back.
21 brake camp this morning
on the road to the land=
ing the whole cavalry
corpse cross the river
carried a part goe to the front


Virginia June 21st 64

21 the rebs reported as
falling back five miles
to day our gunboats
shell the woods below
the landing custers Brig
ade halts outside the
fortifications and camp
for the night wrote a
letter home allso wrote
one for H. E. Evans
the first division in adv=
22 ance heavy canonading
in the distance perhaps
near Harisons Landing
cus custers brigade in
advance 6 mich advance
caried guard pass over the
up road or on the road

brot Virginia June 22 /64
22 traversed by Killpatrick
on his raid last even=
ing all so passed over
by Sheridan on the
late richmond raid
goe in camp perhaps
twelve miles from
melvin hill
23 on the march march=
ing in the direction of H=
arrisons Landing cross
the chickahominy
river the negroes in
advance quite heavy
firing the negroes
and dismounted [ ? ]
caried drive them back

Virginia June 23 /64
[ ? ]
23 towards the [ ? ]
[ ? ] goe in camp near
the chickahomany
24 in camp all day
goe out in the aftern=
oon to the landing
in which direction
heavy firing is he=
ard and draw up in line
dismounted for a while
then mount and goe
back in camp where
we stay all night

25 on the march again
this morning marching
caried in direction of

I caried up on nex pages
I improve all of detail
of [ ? ] actions reg has
[ ? ] Virginia June 25th 64

harrisons landing

24 on the march this morn
ing custers Brigade
in the center of the
Division signs of
the enemy in advance
passed Charles citty
cort house thence
on in direction of
the landing the
brigade camps for
the night the 6 & 5
mich goe out about
four miles from camp
drawn up in line
caried dismounted to fight

brot up Virginia June 24/64

24 fight on foot lay on
the skirmish line
all night on our arms
25 custer brigade in
the rear as rear gua=
rd. an attack expected
in the rear greggs
division reported as
chosen yesterday to
hold the enemy in
check our 6, 5 & 7 mich
dismount near Charle=
s city cort house to
fight on foot lay
in the breastworks
caried untill the rear

brot Virginia June 25/64
25 all pass and cross the
creek near the cort
house dismount
to fight on foot agai=
n. mount an take the
road leading to Wh=
ite Oak Landing w=
hich place we arriv
e at 4 OC pm our
train crossing the Jam=
es river
26 in camp all day
goe down to the river
to night wrote a letter
home allso one to
uncle Jesse rec one
from Cleopatra.

Virginia June 27th 1864

27 in camp waiting for
transportation. the
second Division crossing
the river Infantry are
allso being transported
across our wagon train
all across the river heavy
canonading heard up the
river went to the Landing
after grain. allso went
to the third Brigade.
a shower of rain this evening

28 pack up & break camp
early this morning march
down to the landing goe
caried aboard the transport

brot up Virginia June 28/64

28 Gen. Woll ar transported
across the river march
down the river oposite
White Oak Landing goe
in camp a requisition
has been made and
sent in for clothing.
I have signed a pair of
of pants. a pair of dr=
awers allso a pair of
shirts. the muster rolls
arive to day perhaps
will be made out tomorrow
a brigade sutler estab=
lishment comances busi=
ness to day in the Brigade
our forces are crossing all
day to day first brigade all is
Virginia June 29 /64

29 on detail to Windmill
Point Landing unloading
supplies forage etc return
to camp pack and sadle
on the march all night
stop at daylight near the
Petersburg and Norfolk r.r.

30 my horse bruises my foot
this morning ride in the
ambulance to day cross
the petersburg & norfolk
r.r. crossing prince Geo
Co. cross the Blackwater
Creek 12 miles from petersburg
from the creek made on
caried to the jerusalem plank
up      road

brot up Virginia June 30/64
30 counter march back
to Blackwater creek
stop for the night some
men come to the regt from
the dismounted brigade
the third brigade reported
as fighting yesterday
they allso report themsel
ves as being repulsed
Gen wilson missing being
captured rode in
the ambulance to day


Virginia July 1st/64

second div in adva
march down to the
Jerusalem plank
road marched
down near the center
King George Co camp
for the night a few
prisoners taken to day
rode in the ambulance
to day heavy firing
at petersburg
2 went to the regt
detailed to regt head
Quarters on duty the
cavalry all march
back in direction of
carried city point

Brot up Virginia July 2nd/64

2 reach the James ri=
ver late in evening
camp on the bank of
the river near citty
point heavy firing
heard in direction
of Petersburg. rec
a letter from Cleopatra

3 went to brigade head
Quarters on duty
in camp carrying
circulars to com
and squadron com=
anders. some firing
heard up the river

Virginia July 4th/ 64

on duty carrying
dispatches to brig=
ade head Quarters
all is still and
quiet this pm a few
shell are thrown
into the James river
where our gunboats
lay Battles reported us
reinforcing grant
with fifty thousand

5 went to division head
Quarters went to the ordi=
nance train with dis=
patches. tremendious
car heavy firing in direction

brot up Virginia July 5/64

5 Petersburg all heavy
guns this PM. heavy
musketry in hearing
perhap at petersburg
wrote a letter home

6 on duty went to the
Brigade head Quarters
with a dispatch the
rebles reported as
being in maryland
their force estimated
at from five to thirty
five thousand are
allso reported as
fighting at Harpers

Virginia July 7/64

7 on duty to head Quar
carrying dispatches
etc a new detail to
the head Quarters
drew a pair of pants
to day mailed a letter home
drew a pair of boots yesterday
heavy fighting up the

8 report to my company
this morning various
reports in regard to the
maryland invasion.
grant reported as driving
the rebs at petersburg
inspection probably tomorow

Virginia July 9th/1864

9 in camp rec a letter from
brother Jessey. all extra
and unsenziceable property
turned over inspection
ordered tomorow morning 9oc

10 inspection of clothing this
morning inspection of
arms ordered at three oc pm
heavy canonading heard
in direction of petersburg
heavy musketry this Pm
the rebs reported as
ocupying Harpers ferry
Sunday reports in regard
to affairs in and
about Petersburg

Virginia July 11th 1864

11 Brigade inspection
in camp all seems
quiet on the river to
day the rebs reported
as doing great damage
in maryland

12 in camp on duty figh
ting up the river our
forces reported as gaining
ground a Petersburg

13 in camp wrote a letter
to mrs. S. A. Dimond
preparing a tent etc
grant reported as ocupy=
ing Petersburg seven hundred
prisoners taken in the citty

Virginia July 14th 1864

14 in camp on duty. Sever
al promotions of com=
isioned. Officers allso
of non comisioned oficers
firing heard down
the river

15 in camp on brigade
inspection heavy firing
across the river allso
down the river reports
favorable from mar=

16 heavy firing up the
river between reb
bateries on bank
car of the river and our
up gunboats

brot Virginia July 16 1864

we can see our shells
burst in the rebs works
the firing this pm seams
to be more distant. the
paymaster arives in
camp this PM 6 Mic
Sign the pay rolls

17 the 6’ Mich receive
their pay rec $58 dollars
monthly wages
13 Dollars per month. for march
& April 16 Doll per month for
May and June I take
a $58 Allotment
calling for $60.00 dollars
[ ? ] 6797. >went to Brig

Virginia July 18th 1864

18 wrote a letter to Jesse
Smith jr in camp
1st mich return from
picket wrote a letter
to sister C. L. Smith

19 went to corpse head Qu=
arters. Sutlers allso near
Lighthouse point to the
sutlers tremendious
heavy firing up the river
this pm the third Div
on a raid near Suffolk
heavy rain

20 mailed a letter to Jesse
jr Smith allso to C. L. Smith
car wrote a letter H mills

brot over Virginia July 20/64

20 went to the 1st Div
1st Brigade ambulance
corpse reports still
yet favorable from
maryland heavy fighting
at Petersburg
21 on guard inspection of
camp and Quarters
allso mounted inspection
an order in regard to
private horses being sold
to the government
22 in camp Wrote a letter CM
Smith allso wrote to Winslow
and co. allso mailed money
to them for which they are to
car forward two certificates

brot up Virginia July 22nd/64

22 calling for prizes ordered
to be in readiness for
picket duty or to goe on
duty two oc tomorow am

23 pack up two oc am on the
march for the picket line
go on picket near reams
station on the Wellington
railroad pass King George
cort house
24 on picket post no 18
heavy firing in front
of the picket line heavy
rain tonight on post two
hours off six at night
in day on three off nine

Virginia July 25th 1864

25 on picket all quiet on
the lines our infantry are
building brestworks & forts
near the lines heavy firing
at the front this evening

26 we are relieved from
picket duty by the second
Ohio Cav start back
for the old camp 2 oc
this morning or pack up
at 2 oc reach the camp
at 11 oclock ordered to be
ready to march at two
oclock Pm went to the Brig
comisaries start on the
car march at two oclock march down

brot up Virginia July 26th 1864

26 the telegraph road near
citty Point thence forwa=
rd. on the road leading
to Point of Rocks on
the apomatocs river
at which place we cross
the apomatocs river on the
pontoon bridge thence
forward in direction
of James river the whole
Cav Corpse seams to be
on the move
27 goe in camp or stop for the
Infantry to cross the river
the 19th Infantry corpse crossing
caried this Pm our forces have an
over engagement with the enemy

brot over Virginia July 27th 1864

27 across the James river this AM
which resulted in the capture
of four pieces of heavy artilery
and a few prisoners the enemy
leave their works or are comp=
elled. to leave them fall back
the gunboats take part in
the engagement. our cav cross
the James river on the
ten oclock this Am halt
on the oposite side for the
cav to cross cav and infantry
crossing all day. skirmishing
out on the lines allthough
not verry heavy severall
car up pieces more of artilery reported

brot up Virginia July 27/64

27 as being captured to day
1st Div 1st Brig. Cav corps
start out for the front four
oclock this pm march out
about three miles from
the river halt for the night
a few prisoners going to
the rear all cavalrymen
the enemy are supposed
to be in force near [ ? ]
28 stray shots fired on the
picket line through the
night all quiet through
morning a part of the
first division go out on
car ovr the skirmish line this

brot over Virginia July 28 64

28 morning they attack the
enemy on the left of the
line the skirmish soon
ripens ripens into a
warm engagement the
enemy partly succeed in
turning our right flank
but are held in check
our artilery get a position
and soon silenc the enemy
fire our brigade dismou=
nted to fight on foot
goe out near the lines
the infantry relieve
the cavalry we fall
back near the river our
car up engagement resulted in

Virginia July 28/64
brot up
28 the capture of three
stand of collors and about
one hundred prisoners.
our loss in killed woun=
ded and prisoners
about one hundred and
fifty Gregg is allso repor=
ted as loosing one piece
of artilery in camp for
the night near the river
no official report of the
days proceeding
29 ordered to saddle at two
oclock this am the order
countermanded all thoug
a part of the corpse sadle
and cross the river leave

brot up Virginia July 29th64

29 their horses come back
across the river on the
pontoons Dismounted
our brigade are dismoun=
ted to fight on foot goe out
on the line throw up some
brestworks lay behind
them all day this evening
we move back across the
river march to the
Apomatox cross it at
daylight on the morning
of the thirtieth

Virginia July 30th/64

30 heavy firing near peters=
burg Grant reported as
blowing up their forts
or two of them allso one
magazine at the same
time the artilery on point
in a charge our men
charge at the same
time take two lines of
works and drive their
center back tremendous
heavy canonading up
to this time we make out
on the or near the railroad
Wellington halt while the
third Division passes they
car ovr make down the Jerusalem
plank road about three

brot ovr Virginia July 30th 1864
turn off to the left pass
down on the turnpike two
miles the third division
encounter the enemy have
a smart engagement
charge them and drive
back we all halt for the
night part of the 6 mich
on picket
31 on the picket this morning
till ten oclock relieved by
Bakers Cav start on the
march for Citty Point cross
Blackwater creek down
near king george cort
house so on down near
Citty Point halt for the
night rec a letter from
Lucy vanliew

Virginia August 1st/64

1 sadle up this morning
march down two miles
nearer the point 1st Division
Cav ordered to goe to mar=
yland some brigades taking
transports wrote a letter
to J H Winslow & Co mailed
$2.30/100 for which he is to
send me two vest chains
wrote a letter Jesse Smith

2 in camp the second
Brigade taking transpo=
rts some firing up the
river to day wrote a
letter to Lucy Vanliew
allso wrote one for H. E. Evans

Virginia August 3 /64

3 in camp yet waiting
for transportation the
second brigade have
mostly gone mailed an
allotment to Jesse jr
Smith calling for sixty
Dollars $60.00 tenting
with Lieut A Tylor
he is sick I am taking
care of him
4 the first brigade will
will probably leave
tonight the rebs are
reported as reinvading
maryland in force
there is no news from
up the of any importance
to day

93 Virginia August 5

5 went to citty point to the
michigan relief society
with an order for Sixty
[ ? ] a tylor. The first
mich has taking trans=
ports this morning
the sixth mich ordered /p>
to be in to leave at
four oclock. pack up
and march down to
the landing goe on board
the trans port Cussock
make down the river
to near the bay anchor
for the night heave
anchor at daylight
this morning we pass all

Virginia August 6/64

6 steamers that stay with
us pass fortress Monroe
allso pass the [ ? ]
drop anchor for the night
in the Chesepeak Bay
hundreds of transports
passing to and from
the front some laden
with supplies some with
soldiers allso pass one which
has on board four hundred
and fifty prisoners taken
at Petersburg in the late
charg made on their
works. the boys on board
amuse themselves by shooting
car fish crabs etc

brot up Virginia August 6th/64

6 make down by Cooke
point have a fine
shower of rain this evening
drop anchor in the Poto=
mac heavy rain in the
7 heave anchor this morning
make down the river
past fort washington
mount vernon make
over on the maryland
side to near Keysburry
point run aground in
the mud a tug endev=
ours to draw her out but fails
to another makes her haw=
car up sen fast to us both succesful
brot Maryland August 7 /64
7 in extracting us from the
mud the Cussoc fails
to cast the tugs hawser
off and at the same time
pushes back which brings
the bow of the tug against
our vessel with a smart
collision which docs us no
serious damage but broke
the rudder of the tug and
severely injures her bow
we make round to kingsbery
point land our horses make
up the point to near camp
Stoneman and camp for
the night goe up to camp
stoneman recd letters from pony
sadle and pack for in time and

goe in again for
the night the
regulars leave

Maryland Aug 8th/ 1864
ordered to be in readi=
ness to leave at two oclock
this pm went up above
camp Stoneman had
an Ambrotype taken
wrote a letter for H E
Evans. allso wrote a letter
to sister America mailed
letter & ambrotype home
the regular brigade
reported as having a
fight not far from
this place the third Div
of Cav come in today
leave camp at sundown
cross the e branch of the
car Potomac on the bridge

brot over Maryland Aug 8th 1864
pass down by the Capitol
US treasury secretary
and navy building &
Whitehouse and government
buildings cross rock creek
make up on the hills halt
for the night in the subberbs
of the Distrct
9 on the march take the
rockville pike pass rockville
take the telegraph road
to browntown cross little smith
creek forward down a [ ? ]
Poolsville camp for the
night the cittzens seams
to be driving the most
of their stock to ward

Maryland Aug 9th/1864

10 on the march for
Harpers ferry pass
by Peatersville Wea=
sortown & Sandy Hook
arive at Harpers ferry
at sundown. ford the
rivver across on into
Western virginia
forward on the Harp=
ers ferry & Charlstown pike
for five miles halt for
the night drawing rations
making details etc
all night on detail

Virginia Aug 11th 1864
on detail to harpers ferry
for forrage the Brigade
on the march at 4 oclock
am overtake the regt
at Charrstown Cavalry
and Infantry all on
the forward move
on the Harpers ferry and
Perryesville pike pass
through Perryesville 2 oc
pm the advance guard
are fired on by the rebs.
a few miles beyond the
town the first Brigade
pass the Division goe out
on the pike but [ ? ]
no force countermarch to
the Div halt for the night

brot up Virginia Aug 11 /64

11 the mich Brigade goe
down on the pike towards
winchester come in con=
tact with a strong force
of rebs the artillery get
a position and shells
the woods the rebs charge
the Battery a part of
the third squadron 6 mich
sent out to support the batte
rry. Capt mathews in comand
he is shot while suporting
the batterry the rebs are
repulsed and fall back
we withdraw our forces
and join the Division
on the pike near New

101 Virginia Aug 11/1864

11 the 6th mich on picket
the second brigade have
a fight near newtown
the rebs retreat back towards
Strawsburg our loss not
known yet several pris=
oners taken in we halt at
Newtown for the night
the 6th 8th & 19th Infantry
corps passing to the front

12 on the march pass New
town take the pike in
direction of strawsburg
our advance give and
over take the rebs at [ ? ]
Creek where they have
car up made a stand

brot up Virginia August 12th/64
their forces consist of Cav
and Infantry our men
skirmish with them all
this afternoon the 6th mich
goe out mounted cross the
creek and advance on the
right of the line perhaps
with the intention of char=
ging some building which
is ocupied by the rebs they
prove to be to numerous
for us we fall back across
the creek without aney loss
except a few horses woun=
ded the Infantry relieve
us tonight the rebs falling
back towards Strawsburg
we halt for the night

March the 15th 1864
E Chaffee [ ? ] $9 00
[ ? ] Gordon 50
C [ ? ] Palmer 50
March O S billson 11 00
15 00
15 00
[ ? ] $9 00
Edwin Morris 2 00
John L [ ? ] 2 00
John Quade 1 00
Boots 1 pair
drawers 1 pair
Socks 2 “
March 21st/65 one Blouse

March the 1st 1865/span>
on the march cros the mahomany river
make the rr at Black and White
station goe in camp for the night
2 on the march make down the
railroad to within 16 miles of
Petersburg camp for the night
3 on the march make down the
rr pass through petersburg
cross the apomatocs river
goe in camp on the richmond
road drawing forage at the
4 in camp went to town
getting washing done policing in
in camp
5 in camp Shermans advance
near here went to town
6 in camp Shermans advance
comes up [ ? ] 14 & 17th corps of inft
coming in near town
7 in camp the 17 corps of inft
come up on the road to Richmond
8 the 14 corps or a part comes in
goe to town for my clothes
9 in camp the 14 corps passing
ordered to move tomorow am
[ ? ] forage 5 days rations

Virginia May 10th/65
10 on the march to take the
richmond and petersburg
pike make up to richmond
pass through the citty have as
view of Libby prison
and several of the noted
buildings cross the river on the
pontoons the late fire has
destroyed a large section
of the citty along the river
the 3rd Div in advance camp
four miles from the citty
on the battle field fought over
in may 64 by sheridans Cav
11 on the march strike the broken
rail road cross it make a
northerly direction all day camp
for the night 35 miles from Richmond
12 on the march cross the North anna
river leave the fredricsburg road
take the direct road for rac=
oon ford ford on the rapadan riv
er totersville station on the
fredericsburg rr camp for the
night on the banks of the North
anna river in Spottsylvania
Co railroad is being repaired

Asa Smith
Cortland Center
[ ? ]

(my mothers parents)
I had wonderful
grandparents —
Asa and Elizabeth Smith
John and Zolnora
Davis. My father’s parents

(I sure learned a lot of
the Life of the 6th
Michigan Cavalry.

Velma Elizabeth
Davis – Granddaughter
of Asa Smith – she
lived (most of the time)
with Asa and Elizabeth
Grandfather told
me about serving in
the 6th Michigan
I hope I can
add the things about
his Civil War service