Reynolds, Robert – January 1, 1863-January 19, 1864

Michigan Civil War Collection

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Regiment: 9th Michigan Cavalry

Battles Mentioned: Cumberland Gap, Tennessee; Long Bottom, Ohio; Watauga River, Tennessee

Historical Figures: Ambrose E. Burnside, August Kautz, Braxton Bragg, George G. Meade, James Longstreet, James M. Shackelford, John H. Morgan, John W. Frazer, Orlando B. Willcox, William S. Rosecrans, William T. Sherman

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Published Annually by
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No. 73 West Fourth Street,

[First ten pages consist of various tables and charts]

The very nation of
Lt Col Rob [  ?  ] Has
been [  ?  ]
Segt. Robert Reynolds
Box 1.64
Belonging to the 9 Mich
Caverly. Co. C. Cecond
Battalion under Capt
W. C. Stevens, Commanding, Co.

Mrs. C. E. Reynolds
Box 1.64

Sunday, January 4, 1863.
Left Knoxville
Panther Springs
Strawbery Plains
New Market
Moss Creek
Moris town
Panther Springs

Wednesday, January 7, 1863
[  ?  ]
266 Paint St
[  ?  ]

Tuesday, January 13, 1863.
The credulity of woman
on the subject of being
loved, is very great; they
often mistake a common
liking for a particular
regard, and on this
foundation build
up a castle in the air
and fill it with it
with all the [  ?  ]
of their bright hopes
and confiding loved
and where some start-
ing fact destroys the
vision they feel as if
the whole oration were
a blank to them, and
they the most in [  ?  ]
of woman
It is safer to be very
[  ?  ] on the subject
of being loved; but if
you do make the
mistake, take all the
blame to yourself
and save your [  ?  ]
by [  ?  ] if you cannot
keep your heart from

Monday, January 19, 1863.
Care a Regimental
commander. where
absent with his reg
order an officer of
his command to
act as [  ?  ]

Thursday, January 22, 1863.
1460                1460
.10                    58440
1466                204446
14                     118
5840               300

Friday, Spt. 4th 1863
East tennessee at
knoxville on the Holston
River and the Knoxville
and nash railroad and
we are in good helth at
present and I think that
wee will not sea but a
little more fiten iff eny
and the rebels are all
a frade of uss and they
wont stand to fite uss
atall and I dont no but
wee will got to Vergina
to help meede and iff
wee do [  ?  ] unto [  ?  ]
the infantry is passing
in to town [  ?  ]

and wee have got
about seventry thousan
men rite a round here
and thare is lots of rebels
to bat they get out of
the way so wee will have
to folow them up and then
they will go till they cant
go no more and then they
will hunt thare hole.

Sept. 7, 1863
here I am at the Cumberland
gape and wee are fodder
our horses on corn and wee
have got to eat green corn
iff we eat eny thing so
wee have it jest as hardes as
the rebs do onley they
have no uniform and
wee have so it shoes
that they are about plade out
and every thing goes to
show that this war is
coming to a close soon
and with out much more
fiten to for thare one men
say so that comes and
give them selves up to
uss and they all look like
hell in the barren

I am seten on the log
fence and looken at the
Rebels on the mountains
and they are planten to
guns to give uss a few
shell and i think that
wee will have to take it by
a Seage and iff wee do it
will take uss fore or five
weeks and we will save
some harde time of it
but wee will have to stan
it and we will have the
gape thare but some of uss
may bite dust before it is
taken I think iff we don’t
it will bee a [  ?  ] to
mee for they have got
artiley up thare and have
all the advantage of uss
but wee have got to
take it with out fail
for wee have got a train
of five hundred wagons
on the other side and
wee want to get to them
to get some thing to
eat for wee have to eat
raw meat un less wee
mix it with cold water

and take it in our
canteens and then eat it
and it is mity good to
ett wee went in to the
gape and set the mill
on fire and bernt it to
the ground and then come
back to camp and they
fired to shell at our Batery
but did not do any damage
to eny body and I think
that wee will starve them
out iff wee can and
it can bee dun well I
am jest goin to eat a
dish of corn well I jest
got dun and saddled up to
go out on a scout and don’t
no when I shal come back
for I want to get some
super iff eny flour or
meal comes so I can but
if it don’t all rite for
I haint had nothing but
green corn and beets and
it don’t go very good on
my stomach but I will
have to stand it till I get
back to whare you are and
then I will sea iff old Bob
will get something to eat

when he is hungery I bet
he will iff ett can get it
and she nevers fails when
she under takes it but never
minde, thare is beter days
a coming soon for I think
that the war is jest dun ett
and old bob ridly will soon
sea you and my little ones
and ett Jenral bearn
side has jest come here
to uss at the gape and
see that hee will have
it iff he loes every
man he has got to take
it and he has give them
till three o clock to
serender and iff they
don’t hee will open on
them and iff he does
it will bee all nite
hot work for a while
and it is jest noon and
well the rebel Genral sent
back word to ours to go to
hell and comence as soon
as hee please so at to
time set wee got our guns
redy and jest then a flag
of truce come in that they

they wood Serender so
wee went in and too posen
of the gape and it is in
our hands now and will stay
thare till this war is
over and that wont be
a grate while for thare
money is not good for note of thares
and ten cents of our money
will by as much as tenn dolars
of thare money and the
sitsens has to pay from
tenn to twelve dolars for
a bushel of whete when
one of ours will by it so
when thare money is no
good what is thare
government good for they
say thare selves that
it is plade out and lots
is coming to our armey
every day and say that
want to go home for they
have ben forsed in to it
and is against thare
wishes to stay on that
side and they want
to go home so wee will
payroal them and they
feel all rite over it they

that the Rebels leaders
tell them that the yankes
have stopt paroling to
keep the men [  ?  ]
and that keeps lots of
them from it but thare
is lots that don’t beleave
it and they try it and
wee are all a bout dead for
the want of something

wee left knox ville on
the 15th and have traveld
day and nite and it goes
[  ?  ] harde with out eny
thing to eat onley alittle
flour and wee have to
make pankakes and bake
them in part of a canteen
it is harde but have
got to stand it and say
nothe about it but I
hope it will soon pay out
and I think it will to
for it is goin on all over
the confedersy iss get in plade
out but wee will have to fite
iff wee take them but I think
that they will give up for
wee will make them but
wee don’t want to take eny
more lives than wee can

and take them but iff
they don’t give up wee will
have to whip them to it and will
will have to do it prety soon
iff they don’t come down
before long but I think
that they will give up or
they will have to take
the riter with sweet

Sept. 21, 1863 wee
fought the batle of Watauga
river and then wee fell back
& went in to camp
till nite then we went up
and stopt till too (2.4) & wee
went out about (9) miles and then
come rite back to for wee did
not have forses a nuff to
make a sackfull atacked
so wee fell back to our old
camp in ground and are
here yet and are orderd
after forage for our horses
& wee dont no how long
wee will stay maby not
to hours but iff wee do
I am all redy for I jest got
my brekfest and it was

good to for I had a
beffs hast fride and I
made some pancakes and
some coffee so it made
mee quite a meal and
it is the best meal that
I have had in too weeks
but Ett iff I live to get
whare you are I can
get some thing beter
to eat than I do here
for all I get here is
what wee pick up and
is so wee wee cant get
that half the time for
I have had nothing but
green corn for too or
three days to time
and that made uss
think of home I bet
wee are stopt in the woods to
a wait orders and I dont no
how long wee will stay so
I rite a litle every time
that wee stop so to get the
hole of it if I can so
you can have it to read
when I get home wee
burnt or set fire to
the rail rode Bridge and

to the Block houses
that the rebs had Built
to fite uss in but wee drove
them out of them and
burnt them so they will
have to fite uss in a open
field and wee can soon
make them git rite up and
git mity quick for they
cant stand up and fite
like men So they take
all the nobs and then wee
drive them out and make
them scadle like the
old hare every time, Ett
this Bridge is biulit
over the Watauga River in

Wee got a shot of mail
yesterday and a lot this
morning and I got not
one and I felt like the
old hary a bout it to
but I suspose that you
have rote but they dont
come to mee yet but they
will some time iff wee got

them a tall but I can
stand most eny thing that
eny one else can shure
Ett and wee are goinin to camp
to mak a stand and iff they
come wee will give them a fite
and it wont take much to drive
them iff they no that wee
are goin to fite them they will
fall back faster than wee

I have got the rumatism
in my sholder so it pains mee

October the 18 /63
I aint very well at this
time and I don’t no how long
I may bee so for the docters
haint no medeson and no not
when wee will get it eather
for they don’t care no more
for a comon Solder not
half as much as they do

for a dam negar for they
will get cloes for them
when some of the boys are
sufferen for them and
it is the case in the regment
and the dam negars are
fed beter than wee are
that eny one can sea that
has got got half an eye that
comes in to camp and the
boys dont like it a tall
they will rase hell with
them yet iff they dont
come down before long and
the conolel ses that the
Regment is geten half
negars and hee will soon
have to clean them out
iff they keep on coming
in the way thay have dun
hee sent one off the
black devels off the other
day and sed hee wood
send them all iff
he had his way about
it and wish hee wood
for dam a negar eny
how they more privelige
than a white dose in
the armey for they

[Heavily scribbled out]
can  go out in the
guard jest when they
ples and wee cant
So you can sea that
wee are the negar
in Seds of the dam
negar and it is
so in the hole entire
armey Wee comenced
fiten the tenth of october
and fiten the 10 and 11 wee fiten
and run that is chasen up
the rebs and they run like
hell to and wee chase them
up mity close so that wee
keep fiten all the way and
I will bet that the intfantry
is most dam tiard to

for [  ?  ] cant begen to
keep up with uss and the
rebs ar a head of uss
and keep fiten all the time
to some of the rebs that
wee took says that they
haint got over the retreat
that they had to make
when wee come up here before
and wee are goin as fast a
gain as wee did when wee
come up bee fore and I think
that they must feel most
awfel sore now for wee
are sore and lame from
riden so fast and carin
our guns on our back and
then geten geten of and
fiten on foot that iss tuff
but thare is no plase
that caverly can chary
here un less wee can get
them in a plase whare
they cant get in the woods
before wee get to them
wee are on our way to
Zelofa and are stopt
near JonesBurough
and are stopen to rest our
selves and horses and no [  ?  ]
how long wee will stay for I dont

December the 10 /63
wee left Been Station
and went to moristown on
a scout and had a mitey harde
fite to companey C. went on
the advance all the time
wee volenteerd to cross the
river and skirmish the
hills so the Regment cold
cross in safty and wee
did to and only got one
man wonded and onley got
hit on the finger so it dont
hert him much and wee
got in a mity tite place
to for I was sent to the
rite with fore men to
skirmish to woods and
I got a bout half way to
the woods when the rebs

Co. C 9 Mich Cav
Dec the 22 1863
25 horses
12 [  ?  ] compleat
12 Bridels
25 halters straps
25 heads
46 Brushes and combs
40, Spers, Pair
100, Straps, Pair

Pants |||||| 6
Jacket ||||| 5
hat ||||| 5
Shirts ||||||| 8
Trousers ||||||||||| 12
Socks |||||| 6
[  ?  ] |||||||| 8
Blanket ||||||||||| 11
[  ?  ]| 1
tents |||||| 7
Coat ||||| 5

A big, volinteer Shure
No. 1O Jemy is Jan for to live in a tent
when they grafted him into the armey
Hee finaly puckerd up courage and went
When they grafted him into the armey

No. 2I told them the child was too yong, a lass
At the captains fore quarters they say hee would pass
Theyd traind him up well in the infantry class
So they grafted him in to the armey


O Jernmey farewell you brothers fell
way down in   Alabamy
I thought they wood spair a lone widers hair
But they grafted him into the armey

No. 3Dressed up in his uniform dear little chap
They have grafted him in to the armey
It seemes but a day Since hee sat in my lap
But they grafted him into the armey

No. 4And these are the trousers he used to ware
Them very same butons the patch and the tear
But uncle sam give him a bran new pair
When they grafted him into the armey
Chorus O Jemy farewell (etc)
No. 5Now in my provisions I sea him revealed
They have grafted him in to the armey
A picket besides the contempted field
They have grafted him in to the armey
No. 6He looks kinder sickish begins to cry
A big volunter standing right in his eye
Oh what if the duckey shold up and die
Now theyve grafted him in to the armey
Chorus, O Jim may farewell, etc.

5 X      X         X         X         X         X         X
Every thing is Lovely and the goos Hangs High

Still Segt. Reynolds Robert

Tuesday 14
Wm + commenced
work at 12 per month

Sunday, April 19, 1863.
Arrived at Summerset

Friday 15
Charles            Dr
[  ?  ] cash        1,00

Saturday, May 16, 1863.
Charles            Dr
[  ?  ] Cash       2,00

Friday, May 22, 1863.
Horse died of an
offection of the kidnys
or bladder supposed
to have been over heated
while I was field officer
of the day all this at
or near Summerset ky

Thursday, May 28, 1863.
Lt. Spencer      Dr
[  ?  ] cash        $25.00
by note            85.00
Dutton             50.00
21  00
Major Pennington II

Friday 29
Lt Abbey,        Dr
By Cash Paid I think 10.00

Saturday 30
Charles            Dr
[  ?  ] Cash       1.00

Monday, June 1
Capt [  ?  ] Dr
by cash            12.00

Thursday 4
Paid JP Pike for
mess    5.00
Pain     2.00

Sunday 7
make a purchase of
some wine of Mr Kuntz
for the purpose of [  ?  ]
the acuteness of Col [  ?  ]
Custer              [  ?  ]

Monday 8
Paid Charles 2.00

Saturday 13
Paid “Charles” 20.00

Monday, June 15, 1863
Paid Mason a
note fiven to H &
King                Hds 6.78
Paid Capt McKs $20.00
Bob fruit         $2.00

Saturday 20
Charles Dr
[  ?  ]Cash $1.00

Sunday, June 21, 1863.
[  ?  ] of Poplur
Mountain Tenn
Arrived at this spot about
15 minutes since. I always
had an idea that somerst
was when a hard place
but after, beholding thus am
inclined to [  ?  ] upon
it with favor

Wednesday, July 1
In Camp at Jamestown
Ky – – Men & Officers give
one some trouble

Friday, July 3, 1863.
Capt AB Nettleton      Dr
[  ?  ] Cash                   $2.00
Paid by Major

Thursday, July 9, 1863.
The command arrived
at Brandenburgh at 10
AM.  at 3 P.M. the 1st
Kentucky command
[  ?  ]the Ohio.
[  ?  ] seemes to be the
order of the day. In
my opinion, had Gen
[  ?  ] pressed the enemy as he
should have done we could
have captured his whole
command at this place
Passed Corydon Ind
[  ?  ] a [  ?  ] & [  ?  ]
[  ?  ] from the [  ?  ]
tents were [  ?  ] by
500 Home Guards
Camp 6 miles from Salem

Saturday 11
Marched until 12 PM
camped 10 miles from

Sunday, July 12, 1863.
Charles Dr to Cash $2.00
arrived at Paris at
at 8 AM

[  ?  ] and chalk
a [  ?  ] for
a horse
Gen Burnside arrived
and orders a march
[  ?  ] march [  ?  ] operate
and [  ?  ] of military
officers [  ?  ] sson
[  ?  ] all the
men are out foraging

Sunday 19
Fought John Morgan at
Long Bottom Ohio captured
1000 prisoner
Left Horse The [  ?  ]at
Geo. W. Woodwards 2 Miles
North of Rutland Ohio

Monday 20
Fought John Morgan at
Cheshire captured 1200
or 1500 prisoners

Tuesday, July 21, 1863.
My Birth day
Charles Dr to cash $2.00
Nothing of interest [  ?  ]
to day.
How can no soldier with
any degree of compl[  ?  ]
when we see our [  ?  ] when
no have captured fuse much
better than ourselves. Kentucky
can not guard [  ?  ]
There is too much feeling
of cons[  ?  ] between
Col Kautz visits [  ?  ]

Thursday 23
Charles            Dr
to Cash            $1.00

Saturday 25
Bot. Clothing
Coat                            12
Pants                           8
Vest                             5
Shirt                            5
Hanks & Collars          .125
Hat                              5

Friday 31
Leave [  ?  ] notes for
Cleveland, 15 day leave
of absence

Saturday, August 1
Arrived at Hudson at
4 oclock P.M. Mother
had given up all hope
of my coming. Emma
had gone to Bloomfield

Monday 3
Arrived at Bloomfield
at 2.20 P.M. found
Elza much better than
I expected

Tuesday 4
Returned to Hudson

Wednesday, August 5, 1863.
Arrived in Cleveland
at 4 P.M.

Thursday 6
Arrived at Warren and
met a cordial reception
from Mr and Mrs Rotliff
visited Howland Springs
rolled ten pins, Had a
good time generally

Friday 7
Arrived at the [  ?  ]

Saturday, August 8, 1863.
Arrived at Cinciinnati
and reported to Col
Kautz. Regiment
under command of
Major Mcleleton had [  ?  ]
to Standford Ky
Did not pay my board
bill at the [  ?  ] nor
livery bill at Gars

Tuesday, August 11, 1863.
Ruble Cont.     15.
Thimble Stop  25
Books              4.00
[  ?  ]                4.00
Boots               10.50
Tobaco            3.50

Wednesday 12
Arrived at Lexington KY
[  ?  ] Col Kautz

Thursday 13
Arrived at Stanford
9 P.M.

Friday, August 14, 1863.
Charles            Dr
to Cash            $2.00
Arrived at Stanford, foud
the regiment all right. Pd 1.50
for lodging at Stanford Hotel
The heat to day, has been
oppressive. [  ?  ] now

Saturday 15
Geo W. Pohlman 102 West
4” [  ?  ] Cus Crcdil Ky
1 pr 512 [  ?  ] pants Runford 18.00
3 D. [  ?  ] Blouse                    15
1 Burnside [  ?  ]& [  ?  ]         818

Note to Muller

Sunday 16
Went to Danvill and was
mustered into serve a for three
years unless sooner discharged
by Lt. Colonl Piott
mustering officer.

Monday, August 17, 1863.
3 Recieved of Robeston $55,
on [  ?  ] of note.
Arrived at Crab Orchard
Charles [  ?  ]
boardin, with mess

Tuesday 18
Charles            Dr
to Cash            $0,000

Thursday, August 20, 1863
A.B. Nettleton [  ?  ]
forage & forage for
horses at Cincinnati 1.50
[  ?  ]money Paid Charles
Charles            Dr
to cash per Cap AB Nettle

Friday 21
Left Mt Vernon for Londan
at 5 P.M. Camped at Rock
Castle river. The county through
which we passed destitute of forage.

Saturday 22
Settled with Major Sewart
he paying $38 and taking his
& Daulton’s note
Camped 5 miles from Londan
Ky found – found forage – nothing
of interest transpired to day
[  ?  ] camp hild [  ?  ] at
[  ?  ]. Has delayed 4 hours
in crossing the hill [  ?  ]
Bank of [  ?  ] Rock Castle

Sunday, August 23, 1863
Arrived at London at 9 AM
Bot postage stamps $2.00
Dinner                         50
Burnside arrive            $2.50
and ordered an immdieate
forward movement. Horse
and men out foraging.

Monday 24
Stopt at Williamsburg and
campt and went all through
the [  ?  ] and got
a lot of oats and got

Agust  Tuesday 25
wee started for
Bigg Creek gape and got
about three miles and
stopt in the woods and
lade aside the rode til morning
went and got ry and fed
our horses then started on
our way and stopt [  ?  ]
[two lines illegible]

Wednesday, August 26, 1863.
Gant did not go that
way and went over
gilico mountain and
campt on the other
side on the 26 and

Thursday 27
then stade thare the
27 and started on the
28. in the morning and went

Segt Robert Reynolds
Co. C. 9. Mich. Cavalry
Ypsilanti, Michigan
August Friday 28 1863
Well [  ?  ]
went 25 of uss and
was sent a head to
finde forage and
found to houses full
of wheet and ry and
wee fast every horse
jest as fast as wee cold
and wee road Back
to camp and [  ?  ]
marchen orders
and had to go

Saturday, August 29, 1863.
Stopt in the woods and stade
till day lite & then went a mile
and fed and then started for
county [  ?  ] and lade out
on the mountain and
started before day lite
and wee are guarden the
train and had a harde
time for wee dont get no
sleep nor water so it is bad

August Sunday 30 1863
Started out
of the mountains and
found the rode blocked
for five miles and it is
damd harde work to
clear out the rodes to
whare the timber is fell
every way in the rode and
campt at mount gunery and started
at fore oclock in the morning.

Monday 31
left camp and went 8
miles on doble quick and then
halted & I rite this between
the mountains in the pass as
it is cald campt 6 miles
this side of Rington and
the firs went or the
tenneasea went and had
a fite with the enemy and
wee got this morning to

Tuesday, September 1, 1863.
wee left camp in the morning
and went about 15 miles and
then stopt and fed and
made coffee and I jest drank
a cup full and it tasted good
I took to rebels to day and
I was about a mile from
the regment and i was all
a lone but the had throen
thare armes a way so it went

Wednesday 2
wee crost the gilico mountains
and forded the Big Clinch River
and campt on the other side
and had a fite with artily and
they bernt the bridge that
goes over the tennesea river and
wee are goin to gets some oth
er place wee camp on the rail
rod that nite and stated for Knoxville

Thursday 3
wee left camp at 7 o
clock this morning on our
way to Knoxville and are stopt
at a [  ?  ] old Sotherners and
the boys got [  ?  ] chickens
to and then went to Knoxville
and campt on the Bank of
the Holston River rite in site
of the rebels works but they
went out in a hury when
wee come in site so wee [  ?  ]

Friday, September 4, 1863.
Friday morning I took 10
men and went out on picket
too miles from town and jest
sent for wee start at 5 o clock
and so here I go to sadel up
and we march till twelve o
clock and then stopt to
feede and stopt till morning
and started at six o clock
and wee goin to the camp gape
stopt at mainersvill

Saturday 5
campt at graves town to and
wee left camp at six o clock
and went to Mainerderville
and stopt to feed and
had coffee and green corn
and it tasted good to Ett
iff you was here you wood dy there
too comp of the 2 tennesea Regt
and had a fite and lost 1
man on each side

Sunday 6
left camp at 12 oclock
and got to [  ?  ] town in
the morning and stopt to
fead and get coffee and
then wee go to comberland
gape wee had a litle skirmish
with scots cavelry and drove them
in to the gape and wee
[  ?  ] morning [  ?  ]
[illegible line]

Monday, September 7, 1863.
wee left camp at six o clock
and got up to the Cumberland
gape at tenn and lade back
and thode shell in to it
and then sent in a flag of truce
to have them surender and they
said that wood let uss no in
too oures and then they said
iff wee wanted the gape wee
wold have to fite for it So wee
will for wee sent for our Batery

Tuesday 8
wee moved our camp this morning
to keep the rebs from shell
in uss three compneys of
our regiment and wee went to
the gape and bernt a grist
mill that was in the gape
so the rebels cant grinde
the wheat that they have
got wee had a mitey fite with
the Rebes

Wednesday 9
wee left camp last nite and
went out on picket a
bout five miles and I am
in a mans house by the name
of neals and am goin to
have some brekfest iff
I have time to get it and
yes they did serender the gape
to day at three oclock in the
afternoon and wee are goin
to go into it today

Thursday, September 10, 1863.
General Frazer and his [  ?  ] command
out on picket to day and
[  ?  ] on the ground to riter
and the dam crocs are holown
so I think that wee will have
some hard tack in a little
while now I think for wee
have taken the gape so they
say and I haint had a leter
in five weeks so it seemes
mity harde but I will soon get
[  ?  ] now

Friday 11
left camp at 5 oclock
this morning on our way
Back to noxvill to recruite
up our horses and our selves
to for I haint had no bread
nor tack for a week and it is
dam tuff wee jest stopt to feede
a little corn to our horses and
then wee went eigt or tenn miles
and campt on the bank of the Clinch

Saturday 12
left camp at five o clock on our
way to Knoxvill and campt
21 from knoxvill and made
coffee and stade (1)our then started
and I am standing up against
the fence one of the boys jest
fell with his horse and it did
not herte him a bit and it
smashed my canteen in to a
three [  ?  ] hat wee are goin
to the old place to camp

Sunday, September 13, 1863.
left camp at (5) o clock in
the morning at noxvill at
(11) o clock and then wee
went to our old camp
ground and fixt it up nice
and then rote a leter to
my wife jest as soon
as I got my horse unsattle
on the [  ?  ] 1863

Monday 14
this morning rote too
leters one to Dock ashley
and one to George
Sherwood and then
went to sea to the
Polican up the camp
and then I will Partly
rite a leter to, or my wife
Rather went last nite and got 130
[  ?  ]

Tuesday 15
wee started out of camp to
go to [  ?  ] to the [  ?  ]
springs and got out in the
rode and then wee was orderd
back in to camp and thare
was the news that Brags
armey has throde down
thair armes and [  ?  ]
themselves up wee are passen
a review by Gen. Burnside before
wee leave to go to [  ?  ]

Wednesday, September 16, 1863
wee went in to camp about 12
o clock last nite as started
out at five this morning and
the boys feel like hell in the
winter wee got to strawbery
Plains  at 12 o clock & then went
to new market a bout dark
and went on to Moss
Creek go thair at 12 oclock
in the nite and campt on
a hill

Thursday 17
W. B. Peck I went to
the Peck in the morning
and they give mee a good
breckfest the best one
that I have had in Tenn
and all the folks are harde
up in this state shure wee
got in to camp at ½ past 12 o
clock last nite and then
went [  ?  ]

Friday 18
left camp at 5 o clock this
morning on our way to green
ville wee got to greenville
jest at nite and found it
in our posesion and wee
campt in a peace of woods
and went in to a cornfield
and it dont take long to
strip a cornfield shure
and it dont take one tenn minets
to do it

Saturday, September 19, 1863
wee left Greenville and
went six miles up to
Hendersons Nations and went
in to camp about tenn
o clock and stade till to
the as and I jest come in
with a back lode of
oats for my horse.

Sunday 20
wee are at Hendersons
Station yet and hase
jest received marching
orders and I must get some
diner before starting for I am
hungery wee started at (5) o
clock and went, 26 twenty
six miles and got thare
at (4) o clock started again

Monday 21
wee left camp at five o
clock in the morning and went
out about (6) miles and our regt
was put in front and wee fought
them from 12, to day till
the next morning when wee
was relieved by the 1
tank and the 6 ill & the
65 craid up and drode them
to hell

Tuesday, September 22, 1863.
wee was releived this
morning from fiten and
wee fell back a bout too
miles and fed and rested
till nite then wee moved a
gain and campt all nite
and the rebes went a crost
the river and bernt the
Bridge and wee are foloen
them up & our forses fit them
last nite on the other side

Wednesday 23
wee are in camp yet this morning
and every thing is quite yet
and wee jest got foder for
our horses but wee are looken
for orders every minet
but wee stayed here all
nite and had a good rest
and wee will go the
harder to make it up that is so Ett.

Thursday 24
wee left camp at (9) o clock
this morning and started for the
Rebs and I am seten on my
horse in the rode with
fore eggs in my hands so
when wee [  ?  ] I will have some
thing to eat wee went up to
Zela Zoffee and Jest comenced
fiten with the Rebs & wee was orderd
back so wee had to come rite
and leave them runnen in to thare holes

Friday, September 25, 1863
wee rested in camp all
day and jest at nite our
pickets was drove in and sadled
up and cep sadled all nite
and had to stand to our
horses so wee did not get
a wink of sleep and I was
standen by the fire and one
of the men nocked a brand
of fire and burnt my trowess

Saturday 26
this morning wee un sadled
our horses and got a bite
to eat and then I took a
nap and wee was atacketd
by the enemy and artily
and wee sadled up and retreat
back eight or tenn miles
wee had to send our forses
to help Rosegrant and
that onley our Bergade
and wee was not strong
a nuff to whip them so wee
fell back to get reforsement
and then wee will give
them a nother tuch
wee left camp at (8) o clock
this morning and I was on picket with
six men and the regment went
and left mee so I folowed them
up and got to camp at 12 oclock

Monday, September 28, 1863.
wee got a lot of mail yesterday
and a lot this morning and I did
not get a leter and it madeuss
feel like hell about it to sea all the
rest of the boys readen thare leters
and I got non Ett it is harde but
I can [  ?  ] it Ett iff you can
rite often rite and every time
wee camp last nite and are goin
to make a stand here till
wee get reinforcements and
wee will go back and fite them shure so good day

Tuesday 29
wee are in camp this morning
& are goin to make a stand here
that is at HenderStation (9) miles
from Jones Burow for wee have got
I have got the Rumatism in
the sholder and it Pains
mee like hell to and wee
are all sadled up redy to
start for our men had a fite
to day

Wednesday 30
left camp at [  ?  ] o clock this
morning and went (2) miles
before halten on our retreate
and it is the [  ?  ] time
that I ever seaw you cant
sea a man tenn feet when
wee are [  ?  ] the march
and wee are

Thursday, October 1, 1863.
wee are in camp and it
rains like the old [  ?  ] and
wee was orderd to the
front and skermish but
wee got a bout to miles
and wee was orderd
Back to camp and it
Rains like hell to and
the boys are runing round
camp Swaren all sorts of words

Friday 2
wee still are in the camp
yet and was reneforced
with (2,000) thousan men
and will move before long
I think that wee will stay
here till wee get lots of
reenceforcements and then
wee will go a head a

Saturday 3
wee left camp this
morning wee thought
to go back but onley moved
camp, Co. C. went out on
a scout and wee jest got
back and I got alofe of
bread and give a 25 cent
peas in silver and then
she give mee a half a lofe one
[  ?  ] of the  9 [  ?  ]

Sunday, October 4, 1863.
wee are still in Bools
gape and it is quite coald
to and my boots are gon up to
& wee cant get eny here and
I dont no but wee will sufer
for such things but I will
do the best I can for that

Monday 5
we went out on a recenostance
yesterday and had quite
a skermish with the Rebs
and made them git up
& git to and then come
back in to camp in
Bulls gape again so
wee are all rite but I
stad back for I was sick

Tuesday 6
wee are in the gape yet in camp
and it is raining this morning
or not quite but [  ?  ]
well eathere but I think that
I will get rite a long iff nothing
takes holts of me more than
has got hold now and I will
soon bee all rite every thing
goin on quite as far as
no and wee are going to
some [  ?  ]

Wednesday, October 7, 1863.
it rains quite bade this morning shure
wee are in Bulls gape yet in
camp and every thing quite in
front as far as I no our Chaplen
went to the rebs with a flag of
truce and the rebs think that
they will wip uss out yet but they
are staft up by thair oficers
the men think so no dont of it

Thursday 8
wee stade in the same camp
in Bulls gape and I am
geten beter so that I can
march when the regment goes
but the medeson that
I took made mee most
[  ?  ] sick for a hour after
taken them but I think it
dun mee good so I took them.

Friday 9
wee got up at fore o clock
this morning but I did
not sleep eny for I was in
so much pain that I cold
not sleap and I had to
run back every few minets
and it dont get no beter
much fast shure

Saturday, October 10, 1863
wee left camp at five o
clock this morning and
march to the front and
here wee are now drawed
up in line of batle with too
baterys in front of uss & wee
are to surpote them shure
wee fit as long as wee cold
Sea one Bergade of infantry
made a charge and drove the dam
Rebs out of the

Sunday 11
wee started this morning
and run the Rebs twenty
miles or more fiten
them all the way and took
a few prisners
and kild lots of them
to and got lots of
wagens & one case on
full of [  ?  ] wee
campt too nite and wee kild too
sheep to eat

Monday 12
we started and went to
Jones Burouh and thare wee
learnt that the rebs was
scaterd all over the country
and wee stopt here to look
out for them and guard
the town un till wee get
from cartage for wee are
out of the [  ?  ]
have to stop here till stopt

Tuesday, October 13, 1863.
wee are in camp this morning
and wee have ben out geten some
forage and jest come in with corn
and stalks and I jest eat my
diner out of muton & harde tack
and it tasted good to Ett iff you
was here you wood laugh to sea
mee at it shure but it tasted
[  ?  ] good after all and I felt
quite smart to for I went out on picket

Wednesday 14
I was on picket all day
to day and had a good time
I let too boys go and kild
a sheep and wee had a
good super out of it and
jest as soon as wee got
it eat I was reliaft of
picket and came in to camp
and to sleep on doble
quick to

Thursday 15
wee are are campt here on the
Side hill at Jones Burough
yet and our troops are
fiten up 20 or 30 miles a
bove here and wee are kep
back for the want of amuntion
and it may sase some of
the boys of tires by doin so to

Friday, October 16, 1863.
Wee went out on a scout
to day that is Co C & Co D
and wee went a bout fifty
miles and got flour out of
fore difarnt mills and got
back in camp about 10 o
clock to nite and I was
awful tiard and got a
bite to eat and I went to
sleep and woke up forty
times in the nite to

Saturday 17
Wee left camp at six o
clock this morning and
started for Blunts Ville &
wee got jest a crost to
watuba river & wee met
Jeneral Shackford and
hee tolds uss to come back
and wee recrost the river
& campt all nite

Sunday 18
wee started this morn
ing and come back
to Knoxville this
morning and here
wee are yet and its
rains likes hell to
and wee went out on picket
and am here yet and all rite

Monday October 19, 1863.
I am on picket to day and
the rebs has drove in our Scouts
and wee look out for them every
day and every minuet and
hour but wee was taken off
and wee went to the watager
River to guard the fords and
the rebs are on one side and
on the other and wee are goin
out on a scout to sea iff
they have crost eny whare

Tuesday 20
wee are on the river this morning
and the Rebs are in site but wee
will scout all over thir side
of the river and iff they under
take to cross they will get
the worst of it I think so
and iff they do get a crost
they never will get back
a live shure and I dont think they
will try

Wednesday 21
wee are on the river doing
picket duty and it is
very good buisness when
wee have a river for them
to cross before they can
get to uss and wee wodd
give wee went out on
Patrol up and down the
river and got in at fore o
clock this morning

Thursday, October 22, 1863.
wee went down the river
with five compeneys of
our regment to guard
the fords of the river
and get here a bout

Friday 23
wee was releaved from
picket to day by the
second Ohio regment and
wee come in to camp and
are here now and the capt
went home th to Mich

Saturday 24
wee are in camp to day
and I am quarter
master of the companey now
and it is easer than to
bee a duty Segt to
[  ?  ] it aint perment
yet but I think it
will bee after a while

Sunday, October 25, 1863.
wee are in camp to day
and our teemes come up
to day and the boys will
get some boots jest as
soon as I can draw them
for them and lots of them
are baerfooted to and
suferen to with coald like
the old hary

Monday 26
Co C went out on picket
and had a good time to
and I am oficer of the
guard fore of uss went
up the river on a litle scout
and had one shot at them
and they run like hell
to and that is the way that
is the way they all do dam them

Tuesday 27
the regment started for
Jones Burough and campt
in the edge of the town
and here I am seten under
a litle oak and the boys are
laing round on the ground
and some

Wednesday, October 28, 1863.
well wee are on our way to
finde a plase to go to
winter quarters I think
but dont no what wee will
do before wee get to finde
a plase to go in to them
Ett wee havye to go in to
Kentucky to winter quarters
and I am in camp at
Henderstation again for the
last time I think

Thursday 29
wee are in camp in the
same old plase that
wee was when wee
fell back the other time
and wee aint falen back
on a count of the Rebs but
wee cant stay here this time now
for wee cant get forage to feed

Friday 30
wee ar in camp yet at
Henderson Station and get
all redy to leave but it
raind like the old hary
and wee dident go for wee
cant go in this cuntry when
it is wet wee went out
after forage and had to
go tenn miles for it os
it is dam scarse here

Saturday, October 31, 1863.
wee ar still incamp yet
and are likely to stay here
for some time for what I
no and we have to go [  ?  ]
00 10 miles to get forage
for our horses and that
is a bout plade out so
wee will have to go some
whare to get forage for
our horses mules.

Sunday, November 1
the first day of this
month wee went out
pressen horses and
got seven [  ?  ] ones
and I got a nice
three year old mair
and she is a nice [  ?  ]
[  ?  ] bout is to
yong but she will [  ?  ]
to go

Monday 2
wee went out after
forage and the camp got
alarmed on our dam litle
negar he went to a house
and the folks asked
him what Regment hee belong
to hee said Col David Reg
and thare was a Reb Colnoln
and had jest snuck a darkey
with him and the folks sent
in to camp
thare was 300 Rebs rite on to them

Tuesday, November 3, 1863.
wee was [  ?  ] had a Jeneral
Inspection to day and
it went of good and
wee was orderd to leave in
the morning so wee packed
up every thing up and
was redy to go when the
time come the boys got
and baked up thare flour
so to have something to eat
on the way

Wednesday 4
wee got all redy to start
and then did not go
stade all redy till a bout
10 oclock then wee went
after forage and then
ses orderd to bee redy at
eny moment to move
and so wee had to keep our
things packed up and sleep
with out them for fear

Thursday 5
the rebs was goen to
atacked uss this morning
but wee went and made
the atacked on them and
they started back like
the devel and wee after

Friday, November 6, 1863.
wee went out after horses
and got [  ?  ] mules and
was sent for and went [  ?  ]
back to camp & jest as
soon as wee got back to camp
wee started on a march
and march all nite till
the next day noon and
then fed and I am
seten in the rode jest now

Saturday 7
well wee are still on the
march and no noen
when wee shal stop for
I dont wee are five miles
from Moristown and
the order is to go to
Cumberlen gape but it
is harde to tell whare wee
will go but we are all rite

Sunday 8
wee was all in camp
this day and all is quite
[  ?  ] here and I rote
a leter to you Ett
and hope that it

Monday, November 9, 1863.
wee will bee on picket
to day and the rebes
aint with in 20 miles of
here and the boys are
all well at this time and
the regments are goin to
and froe all the time of
the day and nite so it
aint loneum at tall

Tuesday 10
I was on picket to
day and our compney
went out on a scout
and I went a long with
them to and wee went
a bout 12 miles and back
and it was damd harde
to for I had no sleep all
nite & nothing to eat since
last nite

Wednesday 11
wee was still on picket
yet and I think that wee
will stay here for a week
by the way that things
look now so you
must not and every
thing is quite around
here yet

Thursday, November 12, 1863
to day wee rejoin the rigment
after begin goon six days
from it and on picket duty
all the time and wee are all
well at present with the [  ?  ]
of some of the boys are
bair footed so it is dam hard
but it cant bee helbt jest
now so we have to stand it
Ett I wood not ware such boots
at home to

Friday 13
wee are on picket a gain
to day and every thing
is quite here as far as I no
and I think that wee will
soon start for Kentuckey iff
wee go this fare and wee
will have to leave here soon
or wee cant get out of here

Saturday 14
wee jest come in of picket
and it rained quite harde to
and the regment drawed some
clothing I got a hat & one
pair of boots to so I feel
comfertbal once more in
the serves and hope I will
always jest as I do now &
wee are jest cooken a duck
and a litle beef with it as it will
make uss a good
meal to thare is fore of uss in a
mess to

Sunday, November 15, 1863.
I am in good helth jest
now and so is all the boys
and all the Infantry has
gon to Knoxvill to help
Burnside and they say that
hee has whip old Long Street
like the old hary and cut
him all to peases to and
iff that report is tru wee
are all rite and this thing
is plad

Monday 16
well wee are in camp at
Lick Creek Bridge yet doin
Picket duty yet and it
looks as iff wee was goin to
Stay here all winter but
I dont think that wee
are in a harde plase for to
get something to eat and
if wee dont get the railroad open
in a short time
wee will to go off

Tuesday 17
Still in camp in the same
plase on a large hill with
a batery of fore guns with
uss to help iff wee shold
happen to get in to a brush
with the rebs they can

Wednesday, November 18, 1863.
I went to Moris town after
the mail and stade with the
eleventh mich Batry all
nite and wee was all cold
up and orderd to go to
cumberland gape jest
as fast as wee cold get
thare and here I am with
Jeneral Will cox and the
regmt is gon to Bogs vill

Thursday 19
I was at Bean Station
at the mouth of thoars
gape in that leads to
the clinch mountain
and the regment was
at Rogersvill and I
started to go and my
horse got foot sore
and I come back to the

Friday 20
I started this morning
to cross the clinch mountain
and here I am seten on
the top of it and I can
sea all over the cuntry
and it is the splender
scinery that eny one can
wish to sea and I crost the
clinch river & come to Tasuel
town & stade all that nite

Saturday, November 21, 1863.
I am seten in a old rebels
barn this morning and its rain
like the old hary to and the
regment is in the rear as a
rear guard and I have got
the mail and am goin to
go and take it through the
gape wee stopt at Tasnel all
nite and I never slep a
darn wink eather and my
horse is so
soar fited

Sunday 22
wee are jest a mile out of
Tasuel this morning and
I am jest a goin to eat
a few pancakes and a litle
meat I went to Cumberland
gape with the mail and
stade on the bank of the
litle emery river

Monday 23
I went in to the gape
this morning and come
to the Co 21 miles back
and the rebs are with in
too miles ofmee now and
wee are in line of batle
now waten for them

Tuesday, November 24, 1863.
wee went out on picket to
day and had a nice litle
fite with the Rebs and drove
them a crost the river and
one of our men and wee
kild too of them and they
left all a round the river
and wee had six, Co. of our
regment and we stade
thare till dark and then left

Wednesday 25
wee are on picket to day
and every thing is all rite
except the eaten line and
all wee have got to eat is
corn meal and that not
sifted at that and that is
as onley what meat wee kill
wee went 14 miles on patrol
and got back at 10 oclock at nite

Thursday 26
wee left camp and moved
down to big Springs to
camp thare and went out
on picket the same day
and then went out
on a scout

Friday, November 27, 1863.
wee went down to
the river on a scout
and got about 1, 500
hundred lbs of telegraph
wire up to a house
and went to the clinch
mountain on a scout
to and I went and
fasend the fery boat up
to a tree with a chain

Saturday 28
I went in to the cuntry
and got a lot of horse
shoes made and got
a good diner to and it
tasted Bulg shure you
bet and it is most dam
coald down here shure.

Sunday 29
I went and got a lot
of horses shoes to day
and dident get back to
camp till dark then it
was awful coald when
I got back in to camp
and every thing is all
quite as far as wee now

Monday, November 30, 1863
I was in camp to day
and rote a leter to Ett
and then went out and got
forage for my horse to eat
and then it took uss the
rest of the time to get wood
to keep uss warm for it is
awful coald here asspecly
in the nite and wee have
to keep fire all nite to keep warm

Tuesday, December 1
Co C went out on picket
to day and I am on duty jest
now and will bee for too ours
then I will bee releived for
a while and then wee
had to leave five men
on duty and go and guard
too men to fix up the
telegraph so wee can get

Wednesday 2
wee went clear to the
top of clinch mountain
and back and then wee
was on duty all nite
with out eny fire and
it was dam cold to I
jest wish that you cold
jest no how I have to
suffer in the armey

Thursday, December 3, 1863.
to day wee went out after
forage and had to go tenn miles
to finde it and got in to camp
jest at darke and wee are
lain here to bagge the Rebs
that thoght they had Burnside
got but they got damely
mistaken and are geten a way
iff they can but they aint got
out and I dont think they will

Friday 4
wee are on picket to day
and thare is fore Co of our
regment on at once so to
keep them from prossen the
river and wee was all nite
on duty and it raind
like the devel to and wee
are waten for our pay
and jest as soon as wee get it
wee will go

Saturday 5
wee jest come off pick
this morning and it is
raining quite hard to and
I dont feel very well to day
and wee jest got in to the
old camp and every thing
was gon and wee had to
get new tent sticks to make
our tents up a gain to

Sunday, December 6, 1863.
wee left camp this morning
for Knoxville and wee left
Big Springs and I am seten
by the cide of the waten for
amnition to come up for they
say that thare is rebs a head
but how far I cant tell what
will happen to uss no more
[  ?  ] the oldest man in

Monday 7
This morning I started
to go to Genl Shackel
ford with a dispach with
tenn men and capturd
fore Rebs and drove in
thare pickets to and then
took a nother roade and
got to him safe by goin
20 miles and come rite back
the same
day to

Tuesday 8
Ett I feel oald this
morning for I haint had
no sleep for the last 48 hours
and I began to want get some
sleep shure Ett wee are
reare guard of the rReg [  ?  ]
and wee left camp at 9 o clo
and went to Baileys cross rodes
and then took a east corse after
the Rebs and they all get [  ?  ]
they can out
of [  ?  ]

Wednesday, December 9, 1863.
wee started on our march
and wee left glorious cross
rodes and went to Beans
Station and campt all nite
and the Rebs are jest a head
of uss and wee are not a
loud to fite them on the
a count of Sherman is tryen
to get in a head of them
if hee close it is all day with them

Thursday 10
wee left Bean Station and
started for Moristown &
skirmished most of the way
till wee got within to miles of
the town then wee had a reglar
fite and kild and captured be
tween 100, & 200, men our com
crost the river the first and
skirmished with the rebs till the
Regment come up then wee
drove them

Friday 11
wee campt at the forks
of the rode leaden to too
diferance fords on the Holston
River and guarded them and
wee was a orderd to go to
Bean Station but did not
go but I think wee will
go to morow and then go
to Kentuckey if we do I will
come home Shure Ett

Saturday, December 12, 1863.
wee went out on a recenorance
and had a fite and then
fell back to the river and
went in to camp in the
same old plase and had
not bin in onley jest long
a nuff to un saddle before
sadle up Co C for picket
and wee went six miles to Jock
longs ford and bery & it rained
harde to

Sunday 13
wee are on picket this morn
and the Rebs on one side and
wee on the other & are shouten
att each other all day I
took too men and went
up the river fore miles to
a nother ford fit with the
Rebs picket for over a hour
then they run like hell shure

Monday 14
wee was on picket and
got entirley surounded
by the Rebs and wee got
a Sitison to [  ?  ] uss
throught the mountains &
wee got out all safe
and sound the fite like
the old hary and the Rebs
captuard the 115 Illinois
Indiana. Rosenent & 16 wagons
of coffee & shugar dam them

Tuesday, December 15, 1863.
wee was acated this morning
and our Regment was in front
and wee got five men wounded
then the 112 Illinois took them
and the artillery began to Play
on them the rebs git back too
started on the retreat and
campt on the mountain on
the side of the rode

Wednesday 16
our Bergade come in the
rear to day and the Rebs
comenced firing on uss about
8 o clock and wee fought all
day & lost, 20, men in all
they got the worst end of the
batle after all but wee was
up to hand to had fite for over
too ours to a time and that is what
you may call

Thursday 17
wee went out and stood
in line of batel till, 12, o
clock at noon then wee went
to the rear to fead our
horses and our selves to for
wee had not had no rest
in, 5, dayes & nites and
wee are about plade out
jest as wee got thar wee had to go the
[  ?  ] on a nother roade and wee as jest did

Friday, December 18, 1863.
wee stade in camp to day
for the first time in 2
weeks and it makes the
boys feel cinder good to
to nite they blode sadle up
and the boys did swar awful
about it but wee stad all nite
and had to lay around with
out our blankets and liked to
froce for it is most dam cold here

Saturday 19
wee moved camp to day &
are in a beter blasé by a good
deal and are waten to get
our pay but I dont no
weather wee will get it
or not but iff I do I
will have to keep it for I
cant send it home from here
all is rite yet but coald

Sunday 20
wee stade in camp all
day and it took uss
the most of the time to
cut wood and keep
fire and I went and
got a bake citle and
baked a lot of bread
for our squad and it
went good to shure

Monday, December 21, 1863.
wee are all well
shure and wee got
our pay to day and I
got 4 month pay and
wee cant get to send
it home so it wont do
you nor mee much
good I got my pay to day
and I got fore month pay
and down here in this dam plase

Tuesday 22
all is well at present and
I sent home fifty dolars to
you Ett by Leiunt Ben Corer
and I think that hee will
do the fare thing to so wee
sent a lot of uss sent our money
to cincinnati then hee will
send it to you by express shure
ever he gets to whare it is shure

Wednesday 23
wee stade in camp to
day and all is well
but I have got the Janders
like the Devel shure but I
am a round yet and think
that I williff nothing else
take hold of mee shure and
the Janders pulls mee like fun
and wee ar on camp while the
Regment is on a scout dont no whare

Thursday, December 24, 1863.
wee stade in camp to
day and the Regment is
gon to the Railroad, 10 miles
from Strawbery plains and
the Rebs is all broke up
in to smawl squads and
are geten out of East
tennesea and our men
is geten up & giten

Friday 25
to day is Crismas and
the train moved to
the Plains and wee are
gon in to camp and dont
no whow long wee will stay
whare wee are but I wood like
to have ben to home to day so
to spend crismas but I hope
that tihis is the last one I will bee in
the armey.

Saturday 26
Still in camp with the
train and I am quite
sick to this morning
and iff I was whare you are
Ett to get something to eat
I wood like it and it wood
do mee good to you may
think it ruff but it is ruff
shure and I am in hopes to
sea you before long Ett Shure

Sunday, December 27, 1863.
I am in camp to
day and I aint very well
at this present time shure
and wee dont get nothing
but meal & a litle Pork
to Ett and that is Poor
food for a sick man
to Eat I wish I cold jest
bee at your tabel for a
few minets to fill up

Monday 28
wee are with the train
yet and dont get
nothing to eat yet
and wee have got no Doct
here but wee have sent to
have one of them come here
too take care of the sick for
thare is lots of uss here sick
here and cant move for the
sick ones

Tuesday 29
wee stade in camp till
noon then I took 20 men
and went and guarded a
forage train & stade
out all nite and I was
awful sick to all nite
but ifeal quite smart
jest now but iff
I getback in to camp
I wont go a gain shure

Wednesday, December 30, 1863.
wee come in with the forage
train and I crost the fery
and come in to camp and
was glad to get in to camp
shure for I have got the
[  ?  ] Janders like hell
to if I cold get some whisky
to put some back in to it
wood cure mee up so I wood be
fit for duty but as long as I do
I want do no [  ?  ]

Thursday 31
I am dismounted and am
with the trains and am not
fit for duty eather so iff wee
shold move I wood have to go
a foot and that wood go hard
with mee shure for I have got
the Janders like the old hary to
and this is the last day of the
year to and iff I was whare
I was one year a go to day
I wood sea you before nite shure
this year has stade out shure

January the 1, 1864
wee the dismounted men
and had nothing to eat so
I will remember the new years
of 1864 as long as I live shure
Err and I have got the Janders
the worst way Shure & I cant get nothing to take

January the 2, 1864
I am here yet at Strabery
Plains and it is cold as hell
to and I feel it more than iff
I was well I cold stand it
a grate deel beter shure
and iff I dont get eny
beter soon I will go to
Knoxville to the Hospitel
or get some medison for
the janders and bad
January the 3, 1863 Sunday
wee stade in camp
all day and are hard
up to shure and iff
they dont do something
with uss soon or wee
will all go under
shure far wee haint
got nothing to eat
nor cant [  ?  ]

January the 4 1864 Monday
wee are here yet and
are jest gon up shure
the teemes ware a crost
the River this morning
and the botom come
out out and drownded
fore men & six muels
and they belong to the 12
Kentucky Regment Infenty
that was dam hard to lose life

January the 5 1864
we are here yet and are
likley to stay for some time
yet but I am goen to Knoxvill
to morow iff I dont get eny
beter by that time shure Ett I am
the harder up that I have ben since
I enlisted Err and it is most
damd hard Ett but it wont
last long. I think Shure
January the 6 1864
I come down to Knoxville to
the Hospitel and stade at a
borden house and it cost mee
200 dolars a day and I think
that iff I cant get in to the
Hospitel I will go back to
the wagons and do the best I
can so all to day Ett Shure
January the 7 1864

January the 8 1864

January the 9 1863

January the 10 1864

January the 11 1864

January the 12 1864

January the 13 1864

January the 14 1863

January the 15 1864

January the 16 1864

January the 17 1864

January the 18 1864

January the 19 1864

Cash Account. March.

wee was to get our pay
to day the 6 of december
and that day wee started
for Knoxville and nowen
when wee will get it now
for I dont hardly think
that wee will till wee get
to Kentucky and iff wee
dont I shal get $102 dolars
and fifty for my watch
so I can send home 140
iff I dont come home and
bring it but I hope that
I will bring it to you and
iff I do come wee will have
a good time shure but
wee may have to fite befor
wee get to come home but
I hope not for wee have dun
a nuff of it this sumer
that is wee have dun our
shure of it iff eny one
Regment has but wee
have got a good name
and they will keep uss
it it jest as long as
wee can stand up so
you can look out for
a litle fun boys shure

Cash Account. June.
Date.                                       Received.        Paid.
12        of Maj McDonell        320.00
“          Charles                                                20
“          Wolf of Co “K”                                  60
“          Dulton Lt                    19

Cash Account. July.
Date                            Received.        Paid.
29”    [  ?  ] of
Maj Whitney By    320.19
January the 8 1863
E. S. Dod Co E 8 Texas
Hurry at Knoxville
Tennesea as a spy from
the rebs

Cash Account. August.
Date.                           Received.        Paid.
24        P. Y. Baker                  .3
11        Y Burkhart                  .3
19        J. Y. Baker Sept 19/63  .3
20        Segt P. M. Lang          .3
10 J. Y. Baker             .40
Dec 15th/63 R M [  ?  ]            .6

Dollars Cents
Reserve from pay
for J A G[  ?  ]             50
for D L. King              47
A Malcom                   30
officers who [  ?  ]
bed for [  ?  ]               30
Buy a sewing machine

29 to 29 Mr Shank Dr. to RR
45        50

Dollars Cents
Covington Ky [  ?  ]    12        69
Received of Segt Colins
Pants one Pair             400
Shirt                            100      25

Dollars Cents
November the 14 1863
Received of the Q.M.
One 1 hat                    $2        .50
One 1 pair boots         $3        .50
One 1 pair socks                     30

Dollars Cents
October the 15/63
W. Conley Boots 1 Pair          1
Milton Alen                            1
S W Bullock                            1
C. Colens                                1
Crowford                                1
Sejt Baker                               1
Myron D. Paddock
Royal Oak
Oaklan Co

Segt Robt Reynolds
Co C 9 Mich Cav
2 Batt

Date.                           Dollars.            Cents.
Suppers           75
Breckfast         50
Sorgam            50
Pyes                 60
Pyes                 1.00

[Mathematical problems]

December the 30 1863
Det to Segt R. Reynolds
Super & Brecfast        90
Borowd                       50

Segt. R. Reynolds


Mess apr-
[  ?  ]                $100
[  ?  ]                5.00
Paid in eggs     30

Segt Robt Reynolds
Co C 9 Mich Cav

[Mathematical problems]
Segt. Robert
Reynolds Co C
9 Mich Caverly
Mrs C. E. Reynolds
Box 164[/twocolumns]