Hollister, James M. – May 10, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Rare and Notable

West Point, Va. 20 miles from Richmond Saturday, May 10th/1862 Dear Sister Not having finished my 8th letter on account of orders that we much march right off. We left Camp Winfield Scott, and went to Yorktown (the city that was evacuated by one hundred thousand Rebels, including President Davis, Gen. Lee, Gen. Johnston, and other prominent men). The day before, they left in great haste, leaving over 300 of their dead unburied and 1,000 of their wounded without any food or medicine.

Clark, Gardner B. – April 23, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Near Yorktown Va. April 23rd 1862 My Own Mary I staid off Picket to day because I wanted to write to you for two days I have volunteered for duty on the lines. and shall go every day for the rest of the week. Yesterday I had all the fun one could wish for in the shape of shooting at and being shot at by Secesh. I had a good chance and were withing sixty rods of them.

Clark, Gardner B. – April 20, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Near Yorktown Va. April 20th 1862 My Mary. I hardly know where I am this morning. but from the firing last night and every few moments now conclude our Camp is not is still within range of a powerful and well entrenched enemy. Our Co. is for the present attached to Gen. Smiths Division. He is the man that last Sept. said he wanted no S.S. under his command.

Winchell, Edward A. – April 19, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp Scott near Yorktown 19 April 1862 Dear Brother Add It has been such a long time since I wrote to you that you supposed the mail was stopped but it has not been I am wholly to blame. I suppose I might make an excuse if I wanted to tell a lie but I could not with out for I have had plenty of opportunities but have let them all pass thinking I would write the next day

Clark, Gardner B. – April 16, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp Near Yorktown Va. April 16th 1862 My Mary. Still no fight simply throwing a few shot to range the guns. By Christmas (I dont say next Christmas remember that) you may expect the news “Yorktown is ours.” One more S.S. shot this morning. No knowing whose turn it will be next.

Clark, Gardner B. – April 8, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp near Yorktown Apr 8th 1862 My Own Mary. Sunday came and went this time and you will never receive your [ ? ] missing. I have a reasonable excuse, as you shall hear. Last Friday morning at break of day we were on the march for what we then supposed and what has since proved true “The Battle Field of Yorktown.”

Clark, Gardner B. – March 15, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp near Yorktown Mar. 15th/62 My Own Mary. Still we are waiting. for what I can only guess. It may be to let those who are to die live a few days longer. for the week past we have done very little. Troops and Artillery have been coming up until now we have 110,000 fighting men and near 800 peices of cannon. A day or two ago six of our men (Co. “C”) were on picket about eight or nine hundred yards from the Rebel guns. “Old California” as we call him. (his name is Truman Head and he says he is over fifty years old we think he is near score more than that. he came from Cal. to join Col. Bakers Reg. but for some reason did not do so and as good luck would have it came into our Co.) has a Sharps Rifles which he bought just before leaving Wash.