Winchell, Edward A. – July 12, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection

Camp near Harrison’s Landing 12 July 1862 Dear Uncle I suppose you have been wondering why I did not write and if you have not heard from me before this wondering if I was taken prisoner or shot but thank God neither has happened but I must confess one time I thought of getting down by the side of the road and letting secesh take me but on second thought I determined to stick by the regiment let what would come.

Byrns, William – July 5, 1862

Michigan Civil War Collection Letters

Harrisons Bar: James River July 5, 1862 My own dear Florence, No one unless initiated as we are can comprehend all the various perplexities which arise, when one attempts to write. When I try to look over the events of the past 10 days I can hardly realize that we have passed through such a terrible scene.