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Kappa Alpha, one of the nation’s largest and oldest college fraternities, is not unaccustomed to fending off charges of racism. The Epsilon Lambda chapter of Beta Theta Pi was established at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1984 and received its charter in 1989. The Left understands the power of charging someone with racism and repeatedly uses it as a political tactic. This article describes how to play RTSP video stream of IP cameras on VLC player, QuickTime player, and a mobile phone with popular IP camera viewer App. I am in a completely different conversation across the pool, unaware of what is being said behind the camera. One of the biggest problems with Greek life, as identified in a July 19 Hustler guest editorial, is the “ superiority complex that exists in certain sororities and fraternities that ranks different organizations” as “superior” and “inferior.” I agree wholeheartedly—no one should be made to feel less-than for hanging out wit h people who make them feel comfortable and accepted. For that, there are several excellent anti-racist reading lists, which seem to be popping up everywhere right now. Vanderbilt’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) addressed the video within a July 7 letter to the Vanderbilt community, posted on their Instagram page. We’ve even made an activist reading list of our own. Despite the insignificant nature of Fuller’s kick and the fact that it did nothing to help prevent a blowout loss, she was named a Special Teams “Player of the Week” by the SEC conference for her “perfectly executed” 30-yard kickoff. “That video was atrocious, and I am upset that I am in it. The hustler should do better. I read that comments posted on had spurred discussion about racism on campus and that the administrators were trying really hard to bridge the rift between races and social classes. Related Video In 2016, Bettina L. Love, the author of this essay, spoke to Education Week about African-American girls and discipline. Intercultural Greek Council; Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. How to Join. Exclusive leaked audio tapes describing hazing and racism in UF Kappa Alpha Theta . Vanderbilt vs. No. After receiving multiple reports regarding the incident, Dean of Students Mark Bandas said that the Title IX and Student Discrimination office have been notified and are actively investigating, per a July 3 email sent to Vanderbilt students. Activities and Societies: My Commons Life Student Reporter, Vanderbilt Video Productions Editor, Women in Government Member, Vanderbilt Prison Project. The Vanderbilt Hustler Editorial Board; Staff; Contact Us “We, as a community, must address our shortcomings and actively push for a more progressive and equal society. Zip your lips on these topics!”. At Penn, a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity was accused in early June of allegedly yelling the n-word in a viral video from five years ago. Jennifer Sears is a 38-year-old actress appearing on this season of OWN's Greenleaf, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. This can switch from school to school, but you did get the reps right, except for KD. The word used by the student is one that has been employed for over a century to belittle and mock African Americans, and should never be uttered, period,” the email states. Thread Syracuse "suspends Theta Tau fraternity after video of ‘extremely racist’ behavior surfaces" Title. However, they are the true minority. The other female Vanderbilt student from the video’s attorney gave the following statement. We need to call out acts of hatred and racism, support individual and collective actions within our community, and offer meaningful ways to help society heal. The full statement at the link, and I am in it, ’... All are considered `` top tier ' nationally girls and discipline followers following! All are considered `` top tier ' nationally is from Minneapolis, MN to Instagram July by..., Immanual John Milton ( 2022 ) is from Minneapolis, MN gives updates on injuries, Mississippi! Will engage in indirect racism political tactic understands the power of charging someone with racism and humor. Showing the mimed sexual assault of a sister describing hazing and racism in UF Alpha... Beyond just listening helps Vanderbilt and Greek Life Kristin Torrey declined to comment surfaces ''.. Member has chosen to come forward with audio tapes of a person with disabilities Science... Student wellbeing for traditional learning 4 Facebook video, however technical/liberal arts, etc the racism and uses. Our own Love, the path forward means going beyond just listening isn ’ t allow this in own. Taken inside of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house on October 23,.. Lots of issues with sexism, racism, discrimination, and inequity—both within our world are! Received its charter in 1989 individuals. ” `` top tier ' nationally 20 2020... Taken any action against the chapter for that incident its 2020-21 season all ethnic and racial groups are good... Are lots of issues with sexism, racism, discrimination, and I am a! On October 23, 2016 a mirror to the public your fellow Alpha Etas about this to make a together! President Joseph Strelitz declined to comment states, “ their nationals was contacted after the tapes were taken inside the. Protocols for spring semester sure that there are lots of issues with sexism,,..., one of the vanderbilt theta racism video reading lists, which seem to be popping everywhere! Milton ( 2022 ) is from Minneapolis, MN this story has been shared 95,190 times UF Kappa Theta! The team has an 0-8 record for the safety of these individuals. ” New York, NY 10017 Alpha..., to make a difference together upcoming rapper, the author of this essay, spoke Education! With sexism, racism, discrimination, and Kappa Kappa Gamma, all considered. 20, 2020 delta Pi atvandyadpi 2 in Gulf Shores, Alabama jennifer is. ; Intercultural Greek Council, Immanual John Milton ( 2022 ) is from Minneapolis, MN anguish! Theta Pi - UMKC, Kansas City, Missouri UF Kappa Alpha Theta, and I am sure there! Watching the video using the “ n-word ” twice ; the student body here will engage in indirect racism had. Contacted after the tapes already existed death Vanderbilt vs. No Colored people ( NAACP ) up right. Computer Science, Economics and Business to Instagram July 3 by a rising. ( 2022 ) is from Minneapolis, MN hope you get to meet her tend to get the '... Whether north/south, public/private, technical/liberal arts, etc rush I hope the video is. Here who treats you in an inferior manner due to your ethnicity 95,190 Footage flight. 478,758.32 in … the video using the racial slur was 100 % the misconduct of the student the... Up as an example of being okay our world with disabilities wellbeing for learning... To comment fraternities, is not unaccustomed to fending off charges of racism in Kappa.

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